Local Church Breakthrough Seminar

Trinity Christian Centre will be organising the Local Church Breakthrough seminar in February 1999. This Seminar also offers you a glimpse of what is happening in churches that are experiencing high growth. It profiles numerous steps to prepare God's people for the coming "harvest". It is a rich resource for those who are deeply involved in the full-time ministry. Pastors, leaders and other key personnel in the church are encouraged to attend this Seminar.

Local Church Breakthrough Seminar
This three-day seminar will reveal an exciting new strategy to manage your church. From this seminar, participants will understand the macro and micro aspects of church dynamics within a modern society; acquire new strategies for managing your church and learn the advantages of a cell-based church.

You will be equipped to empower your church members. And help them to become more effective "fishers of men" in discipling and nurturing new believers. 

Venue:          Trinity Christian Centre
Dates:                22-24 February 1999
Time:             8.30am -9.30pm

Registration Fee:       S$20.00 (non-refundable)
Course Fee:         S$100.00 (inclusive of course materials, lunch and dinner)

Carecell Leaders Training/Spiritual Parenting Seminar
Learn how a cell group can contribute to the growth of your church. The three-day seminar will also demonstrate the thinking as well as the dynamics of the growing number of carecells within Trinity Christian Centre. Participants will be invited to attend our weekly carecell meetings.

Venue:          Trinity Christian Centre
Dates:                25-27 February 1999
Time:             8.30am-9.30pm

Registration Fee:       S$20.00 (non-refundable)
Course Fee:         S$60.00 (inclusive of course materials, lunch and dinner)

Our Key Speakers
Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy
Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy, the Senior Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre, will conduct the Local Church Breakthrough Seminar. She is a strong believer in fulfilling the Great Commission through mentoring discipleship in a church environment. A dynamic leader with strong motivational skills, she has conducted leadership training and church consultation in more than 20 countries. Many churches have benefited from these sessions and have reported dynamic growth. 

Rev Dominic Yeo
Rev Dominic Yeo, an Executive Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre, will lead the Carecell Leaders Training/Spiritual Parenting Seminar. He has led a team to develop the curriculum and training materials for courses such as Spiritual Parenting, Carecell Leaders Training and Sectional Leaders Training. He has also conducted leadership training and consultation sessions in many churches, both locally and globally.

For international delegates
Ms Doreen Lee
Tel: +65 460 1202
Fax: +65 467 6005
Email : DoreenLee@trinity.org.sg

For Singapore delegates
Ms Linda Yeo
Tel: +65 460 1352
Fax: +65 467 6005
Email : LindaYeo@trinity.org.sg