January First 1999
Synchronized Prayer across Asia
12.01 am - 7.00 am [0001 hours to 0700 hours]
St Andrew's Cathedral

Dear Pastors and Friends:

For weeks and months, with the unfolding drama of increasing distress in Asia, I was agonizing about the prayer direction PrayerWave Asia on January First 1999. My spirit was restless. There was no clear word, no sure focus. I was under tremendous 'pressure to produce.' It was easy to churn up a clever prayer idea. But in the fear of the Lord, I restrained. I decided to wait and trust in the Lord for His prayer agenda . . . even if it should only come in the 11th hour.

THEN. . . suddenly - the Lord 'showed up' one morning during my devotion. Out of nowhere, He spoke one word: FIRE! That word kept ringing and ringing in my spirit with increasing intensity: FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!

I was stunned. Almost immediately scriptures that relate to FIRE came to mind with spit-fire rapidity. I wrote them all down, and as I reviewed them, suddenly it dawned on me that this word 'FIRE' is really the prayer focus the Lord was instructing concerning the 7-hours of synchronized prayers for PrayerWave Asia on January First 1999!

I am sure by now you would have received in the mail my PERSONAL NOTE on PrayerWave Asia. 1999 will not be an ordinary year. I believe the Lord would have us start the new year right by daring to place ourselves into His [loving] hands for Him to accomplish His will, His way! Honestly, I am in fear and trembling about this word. But I also realise that the SAFEST PLACE TO BE is IN the hands of the Lord. For we are the work of His hands. He has a plan and a future for us together - Singapore and the rest of Asia!

Please do forward this e-mail freely. Include prayer networks or ministries you are in contact with in Singapore, Asia and beyond.

On January First 1999, the Lord is looking for believers in this nation to respond to His promise in Ezekiel_22:30 -

"I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before Me in the GAP on behalf of [the nation and Asia] so I would not have to destroy it. . . "

May I appeal for your help in SOUNDING THE TRUMPET.

DECEMBER 27th is the last Sunday of 1998. Can you kindly make a special CALL for participation in PrayerWave Asia? Everyone is welcome: pastors, elders, leaders, intercessors, laity, etc. Anyone who believes that Asia is in need of massive HELP from HEAVEN.

I am confident that as we join faith in united worship and intercession for Asia, we will FRUSTRATE the enemy's schemes. . . and ACCELERATE God's redeeming work across Asia.


lai-kheng pousson
prayerwave asia coordinator


January First 1999

12.01 AM - 1.00 AM
PSALMS 126 - Prayer-Seeding the City
Meet at the South Transept of St Andrew's Cathedral

1.00 AM to 7.00 AM
Meet in the Main Sanctuary of St Andrew's Cathedral

1.00 AM - 3.00 PM
FOCUS: Outpouring of the FEAR OF THE LORD in Asia

Verse 10 - River of Fire - Radical Holiness

MALACHI 3 [whole chapter] Refiner's Fire - Radical Holiness - cleansing from all forms of defilement.

Cleansing Coals of Fire - Radical Holiness - cleansing of lips SO THAT we may be God's Kingdom priests and prophets, qualified to enforce the victory of Calvary, demolishing and dismantling the works of darkness in the name of Jesus; qualified to declare and decree His Will and His Way among the nations.

Our Works Tested and Revealed with Fire - Radical Holiness - burning up of every human ambition or every useless religious activity that drains our energy or distracts us from God and His Kingdom agenda.

Hay, wood, stubble ??
Gold, silver, costly stones ??

3.30 AM - 5.30 AM
FOCUS: Outpouring of the POWER OF THE LORD in Asia

ACTS 2:16-21
Tongues of Fire
Pentecost. Outpouring of the Spirit!

Fire in my heart. Fire in my bones Pray for a fresh release of prophetic proclamation of the Word of the Lord in the nations through every believer and every servant of the Lord, apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher

1 KINGS 18:16-40
Fire from Heaven Power encounter. Power display! Demonstration of God's power in the nations! The day of vengeance of our God on His enemies [Isaiah_64:1-4, Isaiah_61:2]

DANIEL 3:1-30
Furnace of Fire. Pray for the Persecuted Church.
Ask the Lord to ready and steady the Church for the Coming Wave of Persecution.

5.45 AM - 7.00 AM
FOCUS: Outpouring of the HEALING OF THE LORD in Asia

EZEKIEL 37:1-14
Dry Bones Come Alive!
COMMAND God's army to come out of the grave, and arise with NEW life to spread the name and fame of Jesus in their communities, cities and countries.
Pray for:
- new eyes - new ears - new mind
- new passion - new zeal - new hunger - new desperation
- new generation - new nation

EZEKIEL 47: 1-12 / Revelation_22:1-5
Where the River Flows, Every Thing Lives!
Pray for the healing of whole communities, cities and countries.
Pray for specific people groups.