Tentmaker Equipping 'n' Training


Intro. & Biblical Basis of Tentmaking Dec 97
Religions of Asia Feb 98
Theology of Work Mar 98
Understanding culture May 98
Tentmakers and Ethical Issues July 98
Personal Ministry Skills Sept 98
Country/People Profile studies - 1998 -
Spiritual Emotional & Practical Prep Nov 98

Introduction and Biblical Basis of Tentmaking
11 to 13 Dec 97
Thur evening - Sat night

This residential weekend will provide a biblical foundation to the whole course and will consider the strategic and practical advantages of tentmaking. It will also examine the impact of culture shock, both on the professionals working overseas and on the family. Issues of stress and change, the dangers of burn out and the handling of conflict will be discussed.

Speakers will include:
Mr Jonathan Cortes, Mr Joseph John, Mrs Peck Suat Mui, Rev Dr Quek Swee Hwa and Mr Kenneth Tan.

Religions of Asia
Tues evenings - 3, 10, 17 & 24 Feb 98

This module will explore the philosophical and cultural backgrounds of the major religions of Asia. The aim of the course will be to familiarise students with the history and development of each religion, and introduce them to the different worldviews so that they can better relate and reach out to the people of other faiths.

Lecturer :
Rev Dr Robert Solomon

Theology of Work
Tues evenings - 3, 10, 17 & 24 Mar 98

Biblical teachings on the nature and consequences of work will be discussed and compared with contemporary understanding and practice. Some of the tensions which may arise between the demands of a secular job and the desire for involvement in ministry will be explored. Issues such as success, excellence, professionalism, authenticity, lifestyle and balance, and their implications will be considered.

Lecturer :
Mr David Yap

Understanding Culture
Tues evenings - 5, 12, 19 & 26 May 98

What is ‘culture’? How do we perceive the economic, political and social structures of another people? How do we understand their values and their modes of thought? How may our own cultural prejudice spoil our relationships with other people? How do worldview, cultural values and social structure affect the communication of the gospel and the life of the local church?

Lecturers :
Mr Melville Szto & Dr Peggy Yeo

Tentmakers & Ethical Issues
Tues evenings - 7, 14, 21 & 28 Jul 98

This module will consider some of the ethical issues which Christian professionals may encounter in their work and ministry overseas. These will include questions of honesty and integrity, bribes and kickbacks, guangxi and connections, management and cultural issues. A combination of lectures, bible studies and case studies discussion will be used.

Lecturers :
Dr Lee Soo Ann

Personal Ministry Skills
Tues Evenings - 1, 8, 15, & 22 Sept 98

The aim of this module will be to relate basic skills of evangelism and discipling to the specific demands of tentmaking ministry in a different cultural context. The syllabus will include cross-cultural evangelism, evangelistic Bible Studies, counselling, spiritual warfare, co-operation with others.

Facilitator :
Mr Jonathan Cortes

Country/People Profile Studies
This will involve personal or group study on a particular country or people group. It will include a historical, social, cultural, religious, economic and political profile. As far as possible, oversight will be given by someone with first-hand experience of the country or people group.

Spiritual, Emotional & Practical Prep.
22 to 29 Nov 98 - Sun evening to Sat night

This residential week will form the conclusion of the course. It will offer an opportunity for feedback, questions, discussion and prayer. Among the topics to be included will be how to learn a language, health and hygiene, spiritual life, personal preparation, maintaining links with your home church.

A number of sessions will consider the particular pressures and challenges that the spouse and family may face. These will include getting ready to go, life in another culture, adjusting to different security conditions, finding a role and ministry, working out the extent of our identification with the local culture, overcoming our prejudices, preparing the family, and options for children’s education.

Speakers will include:
Rev Dr David and Mrs Rosemary Harley, Dr Andrew and Mrs Belinda Ng, Rev Dr Robert Solomon, Mr Melville and Mrs Salome Szto, and Dr Mary Tay.

1Cor 9.22

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