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Saturday@the Bay Programme


The youths, from twelve to twenty-something, meet every Saturdays at the Bay (Bukit Arang Youth, lah) at 4 pm for:

Friendship - where we laugh at ourselves, cry with each other and care for everyone;

Discipleship - where we strive to know Christ and make Him known; and

Sportmenship - where we play Captainsball each week preparing to be the worse nightmare to any dream-team in any inter-church, inter-continental or inter-galactical games.

Who's Who

The Bay is under a bigger umbrella called YMC (Youth Ministry Committee) which comprises Elder David Choo (the chairman), Elder William Lee (the other chairman), Goh Teng Huat (help to chair when the other chairmen are not around), and other very important members ; Russ Soh (the chairman in-charged of SSS - Senior Sunday School, loh), Tan Hang Khee (chairman of a family with two very adorable youths), Galen Tan (the da-SSS-shing Sunday School teacher), David Goh (the chairman in-charged of the Bay) and Daniel Loh, Kelvin Tay & Jonathan choo (the guys that help the guy in-charged of the Bay).
The Bay also has its own Committee, which comprises Galen Tan (The DaSSShing teacher) David G, Kelvin T, Jonathan C, Ivan C, Eunice T, Joel G, Kenneth K, Jonathan K, Roy P and Vincent C, who are solely responsible for what you get on Saturday at the Bay.

Guitar Classes, Anyone ?

Yes! We have classes for those who have the strange passion for the six-strings. Whether you have yet to touch a real Guitar or think you can play like a pro, we have room for everyone. From Beginner to Intermediate to advance, we have classes run by our own accomplished musicians; but learning to play the Guitar is only half the fun, you'll get to meet your own kind, write your own song, record your own album, launch your own gig, form your own club, design your own instrument, start your own business ...

Saturday @ the Bay (TM)

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