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October 1996
The Church of God in Thailand

Praise the Lord for many things we learned and experienced within the past eight months of this year. Many new lessons are vital that come out of new vision and revelation of the Lord. The year 2000 is not for ahead as time goes by quickly but the progress of our church growth seems to creep unbalancingly in comparison to the segment of time and population growth.

For Thailand, praise the Lord by grace. The door is wider opened for evangelism. Two years ago a government television channel offered 30 minutes for Christian broadcasting. And it has been going on well since. Recently, another cable television that belongs to a private television network company offered one channel for Christian program, the whole use of 24 hours a day for free. This cable TV. company broadcast through satellite C-ban and KU ban technology for both in Thai and / or other languages. The only problem arises now is how we can produce qualified program adequately each day for years. (The first term is 3 year and after evaluation then, it will continue another 17 years on the second term). The immediate inadequate and shortage for us, Protestant churches, is both qualified personnel to manage or produce the program and financial support. The great opportunity for Christian television broadcasting has come. How we can take and do it for the most and the best out of it, is another question.

Asian Mission Congress II (AMC II)

After the first Asian Mission Congress that was held in Seoul, Korea six years ago, now the Executive Committee of AMC II has decided to hold the second AMC in Thailand. The Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand led by Rev. Silawech Kanjanamukda, the chairman, approved to host this special gathering of delegates up to 500 persons at YMCA Bangkok during September 22-26, 1997. Special Project on Leadership Training Leadership training is the most crucial need for us, Church of God in Thailand. While some leaders have left the Church of God, the remaining is so minimal but the task is so great to fulfill the ministry that we have started in various areas. The cry for someone to come and help us as missionary is being shouted again. Leadership training is the major project we have done continuously, but, still it is not successful in a term of quality and loyalty. However we have to go on praying, seeking and knocking the door for new qualified leaders. Meanwhile we also pray that the lord will call and provide someone who hears his voice and has this vision to come and help us as a trainer on the four-year special project leadership training. The training will involve mainly on Christian education, family life, and youth people.

United Missions Farm (UMF)

The three fold purposes of our UMF are being more well known among church people in Thailand.


by Silawech Kanjanamukda

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