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At LIM ANG & PARTNERS (or LAW), whether you are a private individual or a multi-national corporation, we understand your professional needs. We are a medium-size firm and are specialized and adaptable enough to handle today's complex, ever-changing and demanding business environment. At the same time, our aim is to provide you with personal and specific attention for all your legal needs.

Organised to Meet Your Needs

LAW's streamlined and dynamic structure ensures that our expertise accumulated over the last two decades, is geared to meet your professional needs.

Regional Business

To assist today's entrepreneurs look towards the region and beyond, for business opportunities, LAW works closely with associates and legal contacts in ASEAN capitals, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Sydney, Yangon, Capetown, Phnom Penh, London and New York. Some of the work that we can handle for you are :
  • Joint Venture Negotiations & Agreements
  • International Loans
  • Foreign Trade & Service Marks & Patents Matters
  • Management Services Agreements
  • Investment Advice

Business in Singapore

With generous tax incentives and excellent infrastructure, Singapore has become an ideal place for doing business in the Asia-Pacific region. LAW has had ample opportunities to advise and assist in the setting up of business in Singapore. Our assistance often involve :
  • Incorporation or Registration of Companies & Representative Offices
  • Immigration Matters (Employment & Dependants' Passes, Permanent Residence under the Deposit Scheme & Scheme for Professionals & Skilled Personnel)
  • Employment Contracts
  • Liaison with Government Departments
  • Joint Venture & Commercial Agreements
  • Corporate Secretarial Support

Resolution of Disputes Whilst we believe that not all disputes deserve to go to Court, and we actively seek solutions acceptable to the parties, LAW is organised to rigorously advance the position of our clients. We have broad experience in litigation matters including:
  • Commercial & Contractual Claims
  • Personal Injury & Accidents Claims
  • Insurance Claims
  • Building & Construction Law
  • Companies Winding Up & Bankruptcies
  • Company and Board Disputes
  • Arbitration
  • Intellectual Property Claims
  • Corporation Litigation
  • Government & Statutory Board Matters

Investments & Properties

LAW has extensive experience in advising and assisting clients, both private individuals and corporations, in various aspects of Property Law. These include :-
  • Acquisition of Real Property
  • Leases, Licences & Concessions
  • Loan Security Documentation
  • Property Developments
  • Management Corporations
  • Trade & Service Marks & Patents Matters
  • Club Memberships
  • Marina Berthing Agreements

Charitable Organisations

LAW has, for many years, been actively involved in assisting overseas and local clients in the following areas:
  • Registration and setting up of Christian and charitable companies and societies in Singapore
  • Constitutional and procedural matters
  • Making representations to the Registrars of Companies & Societies
  • The Commissioner of Charities and other official bodies on matters relating to such Christian and charitable companies & societies.

Private Clients

Apart from investment and property matters, LAW also advises private clients on various legal needs. These often involve the following :-
  • Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning
  • Probate & Administration of Estates
  • Matrimonial Disputes and ancillary matters (custody of children, maintenance & division of matrimonial assets)
  • Societies & Charities
  • Sole-Proprietorships & Partnerships

LAW can Work for You

This Profile introduces you to LAW and our philosophy to meet YOUR professional needs. No matter who you are or what your requirements may be, our wide repertoire of legal services spearheaded by our partners are always at your disposal. We hope that we may be of service to you, and have the opportunity to show that we are attentive to all your needs.
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