Hour of Power Lunch-Fast Prayer Gatherings

  • July 1 to August 9
  • Mondays to Saturdays
  • 1 pm to 2 pm
  • St Andrew's Cathedral
  • Open to all Christians

  • In Singapore today, there are countless Christian groups that meet during lunch. Imagine the impact if all of these groups would come together in corporate prayer for revival. Visualize the potential as you read this historical account in 'THE PRAYER FACTOR' by author Sam Tippit:
    "Jeremiah Lampier began a noonday prayer meeting for laymen in downtown New York city on September 23, 1857. He sat alone for the first 25 minutes, but by 12.30 there were six men present . The following week, twenty men attended. Within 6 months, more than ten thousand businessmen attending. The Holy Spirit began to call people to pray. Many people were converted in the prayer meetings, and others found victory in their walk with God. It has been estimated that in America, 'in just two years, over a million converts were added to the churches of all denominations . . .'

    Out of the prayer meetings grew a great harvest and following the harvest grew great ministries. God raised up a shoe salesman, DL Moody, who would become one of the great evangelists of the world. Hudson Taylor, who would lead a great missionary movement was ultimately affected by the revival. Men sought the Lord. He set them aflame, and nations were affected by the flames of revival."

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    Created: 10 June 1997 ______ Last updated: 10 June 1997