Welcome to the Missionary's tool pack.

We wish to make your visit to Antioch a little more productive and pleasurable for your day to day needs. For this reason, we will incorporate functional tools to assist you in getting about in your ministry.

Please let us know if you wish for other tools to be made available. We would be glad to oblige, if possible.

Email Link-ups

How to get connected to access your email while you are in Singapore.


For Compuserve Subscribers, your Singapore Dialup No is 873-1378. Their Helpdesk number is 800-616-1376.

Find the global list of Compuserve Access Numbers.

Antioch If you wish to have a temporary dial-up account to assist your email while you are in Singapore.

Please fill up and submit this form and we will process your request to make available a temporary dial-up connect for you to access your email.

UCC Currency converter to help you estimate your expenses and budgets.
Euro Currency converter to and from European currencies.

Travellers' Essentials about Singapore.

  Important Telephone Nos while in Singapore

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