Aids To Reading The Bible

There are many good aids to reading the Bible. A browse through a Christian bookshop will give you an indication of what is available. When possible, it is also good to key into any system operating in your Church which links its teaching with personal Bible study.

We have included two Bible reading plans (Participant's Resources). One is a 20 minutes per day plan which takes you through the whole Bible in a year. This is a particularly good plan as it often links together sections of the Bible which relate to each other. The other plan provided is a road map for beginners - to the basic doctrines of the faith.

If you have a study Bible, spend time learning about its features and how they work. Check through the maps, cross-referencing system etc. Learn how to use the concordance and make your own additions as a memory jogger.

The following is a short list of tried and true Bible aids:

Whilst good scholarship and tested theology are very important, it is vital to keep our faith at a heart level and not go overboard on head knowledge. Also we need to guard against spending too much time reading the ideas and interpretations of men and not enough time directly in the Word of God. Similarly with Christian books, whilst they can be very encouraging, they are no substitute for time with the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

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