Use Psalms_103 as a basis of daily meditation for a week. Write in your journal what you learn from this passage about your life with God.
Q1Review Unit(2). Check through the main scriptures.
Q2Meditate on Psalms_103.
Q3What can you learn about the character of God from this passage?
Q4What promise is there for families in this passage (v.17)?
Q5What do you learn about the kingdom of God on this earth and in heaven?
Q6What does v.7 mean about God's deeds and His ways?
Q7Preview Unit(3)
Through this week write down the prayers, thoughts and desires evoked by your meditation on this Psalm.


Personal Study Summary:

New Questions:


Experience Relating To Teaching:

We suggest that you keep a record or journal of the above format while going through the course. It will enable you gather the most benefit out of each unit's material. The journal would also help you to reflect back on the material taught as you progress through the course.

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