Q1Review Unit 4, on sharing your faith.
Q2Review Isaiah_58 and Matthew_28:18-19. Consider the following questions:
  • What problems did God have with the way these people (Isaiah_58), were living their lives?
  • Were they a witness to their community?
  • Is a good witness to Christ through our words, our lives, or both?
  • On whose authority do we act as witnesses?
  • What are these specific instructions of Jesus?
  • What is His provision to help us accomplish the task?
Q3Review Mark_5:1-20 and John_20:21-22:
  • What was Jesus witness to His deity (Mark_5:15)?
  • Why did Jesus encounter the reaction of v.17?
  • Are we prepared to likewise handle this type of rejection?
  • What did the man want to do?
  • What were Jesus instructions?
  • What did the man do?
  • Who sends us and how are we sent?
  • Why is forgiveness attached to this commissioning?
Q4Review Acts_16:22-34:
  • Why were Paul and Silas thrown into prison (v.19)?
  • Does this fit with our picture of being a witness?
  • What was the strength of their witness (v.22-26)?
  • What gave their words (v.31) impact?
Q5Review 1_Corinthians_12:4-11:
Q6Review 2_Corinthians_5:17-20:
  • What message has God given us (v.17,19)?
  • What ministry has God given (v.18)?
  • Whom has God committed this message to (v.19)?
  • What does it mean to be an "ambassador" for Christ today (v.20)?
Q7Preview Unit(5)


Personal Study Summary:

New Questions:


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We suggest that you keep a record or journal of the above format while going through the course. It will enable you gather the most benefit out of each unit's material. The journal would also help you to reflect back on the material taught as you progress through the course.

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