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September 20, 1993

Good Morning!

A former running back for the L. A. Rams spoke of Spring tryouts when the "walks ons" would appear, hoping to snag a position on the squad. As these superstuds displayed their gorgeous bodies it was evident they had pumped iron by the freight train and run track from here to China. After tryouts, the old salts on the Rams however would conclude that for most of them:

They looked like Tarzan, but played like Jane

It reminds me of a dime store cowboy I once saw with a ten gallon Stetson hat, cowboy boots, red scarf, and 501's. The only problem was he had never ridden a horse or wrestled a steer to the ground.

All hat and no cattle

So today, there are lots of pretty Christians running around. There's only one problem:

"They...maintain a facade of 'religion' but are strangers to its power."*

In choosing David as king over Israel, God counseled Samuel to look at the inner qualities of this innocuous appearing lad:

"Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature...for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." (I Samuel 16:7)

Years ago I discipled a frail little social misfit from Appalachia with crooked teeth and bad grammar. Today he is evangelizing people in one of the toughest areas of the world. Conversely, I often meet with guys in starched shirts, sporting Varnuet sun glasses. Spiritually some of them:

Look like Tarzan, but play like Jane

So, when it comes to evaluating people, let's be sure we are looking first at the inner man...not on the outward appearance. Jane and Stetson hats aren't worth much in the heat of the battle.

Have a great week!

Dwight Hill

* II Timothy 3:5 - Phillips and Berkeley Translations

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