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December 13, 1993

Good Morning!

LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION: "What is more important to you:

Cultivating a deep and abiding relationship with Christ? Or

Doing great accomplishments for Christ?"

I recently learned of a missionary who, for two decades has done the impossible for God by getting the Gospel into "closed" countries. The only problem is that his marriage is in shambles and his kids are in open rebellion.

We who are in business or the professions, like the missionary, can be living lives of idolatry. That is, we may be seeking to feed our damaged egos and fill the spiritual void within us by Herculean accomplishments that garner man's approval. Cultivating intimacy with Christ, the only One who can bring healing, often takes a back seat to ministry, or to ego-enhancing accomplishments in business or the professions.

QUESTION: What is filling the inner void in your life:

"The cultivation of a deep, abiding secret life with Christ? or

A frenetic sprint toward accomplishment that seeks to feed your fragile ego and reap the approval of your fellow man?"

In I Kings 8:10, 11, God intervened in the ministry of the temple priests in order to expose them to His glory:

"...When the priests came from the holy place...the cloud filled the house of the Lord, so that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord."

Clearly, God is far more interested in us knowing Him than us completing the ministry to which we are called.

I can't help but wonder how the scenario would have played out in the life of this zealous missionary if he, like the priests of I Kings 8 had been arrested first by God's glory...and then embarked upon the ministry to which he was called. By seeing the glory of God, his broken self-esteem would have been healed, and the mission would have been fulfilled without decimating his marriage and family.

Have a great week!

Dwight Hill

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