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July 11, 1994

Good Morning!

JESUS SAID: "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19)

Following Jesus Christ and "fishing" for men+ go hand in hand: Followers become fishermen. Tell me, are you fishing for men?...Purposely engaged in the business of getting men to Christ? If not, why not?

If you want to win men to Christ, here is one effective way to do it:

Make a list of the "Ten Most Wanted Men" in your life: The person next door...The

guy at the club: People with whom you normally and regularly cross paths.

Make a commitment to pray daily for each person on the list:

- Confess to God that (in the natural) you could care less for any of them!

- Ask God to give you a supernatural love for each of them.

- Ask God to create in them a need for Himself.

As you pray, ask God to impress upon you the one you should focus on first:

When you sense the timing is right, take him to lunch (And yes: Pick up the tab!)

- Ask him about his family, his concerns. Listen...Focus on him! LOVE HIM!

- Seek to serve him any way possible. Don't try to sell him Christianity.

- You will sense when the time is right for you to share how Christ has helped you in your marriage, with your greed, etc. Do it graciously and purposely. But do it.

Then repeat the process with another...and another.

Keep in mind that the winning of an individual to Christ is:

- ONE OF THE GREATEST WORKS God allows us to do,

- ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS of doing God's work, and perhaps

- THE HARDEST WORK in the world to do.*

Have a great week!

Dwight Hill

+"Men": Generic term for men & women! * Adapted from Trumbull's book, "Taking Men Alive"

Copyright 1996 Dwight Hill. Unlimited permission to copy or use is hereby granted subject to inclusion of this copyright notice.

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