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Singapore August 1, 1994

Good Morning!

Most of us would like to do something great for God!

Like Billy Graham, or

Mother Theresa

We err in our thinking however, by equating "greatness" with bigness or notoriety:

- Preaching to 100,000 people in a stadium, or

- Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Perhaps it is our hope that by doing some great work for God we can quell our sense of inner spiritual hollowness. That somehow a great work for God might help us transcend the mundane sameness of our daily existence. This kind of reasoning is at best, flawed:

God's work, Jesus reminds us, has nothing to do with bigness or notoriety. Rather,

"...The work of God (is) that you believe in Him Whom He has sent." (John 6:29)

THE GREAT WORK OF GOD IS TO BELIEVE GOD: Simple faith that God can be trusted...whatever the circumstances.

Into a tough marriage? How's your faith that God will give you the needed grace?

Squeezed in a rough business situation? Are you trusting God for wisdom?

Pressured to compromise higher ethical standards to compete? Are you believing God to make up the competitive difference?

It is difficult for us to understand the fact that God simply is not impressed with grandiose Christian activity. What does impress Him is uncomplicated, quiet faith...Faith that stands up amidst the most trying of life's circumstances. Faith that is evidenced by peace over over restlessness.

Want to do a great work for God? Then just believe Him. Trust Him. Rest in Him.


Have a great week!

Dwight Hill

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