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October 10, 1994

Good Morning!

STANDING ALONE FOR GOD in a godless world: A tough but achievable assignment.

Noah, like you, lived in a wicked society.


And so can you!

God's assessment of Noah's life?

"You alone I have seen to be righteous before Me in this generation." (Genesis


The Lord was painfully aware of societies' blatant sins as SEX and VIOLENCE dotted the it does ours.

"Then the Lord saw that the WICKEDNESS OF MAN WAS GREAT ON THE EARTH, AND THAT EVERY INTENT OF THE THOUGHTS OF HIS HEART WAS ONLY EVIL ...CONTINUALLY...[God] was grieved in his heart...that He had made man..." (Genesis 6:5,6)

Living amidst this decadence, Noah stood up and was counted:

"Noah found favor in the eyes of God" - That is, he was PLEASING to God! (Genesis 6:8)

"Noah was a righteous man" - That is, he was LAWFUL AND JUST before God! (Genesis 6:9)

"Noah was blameless in his time" - That is, he lived a LIFE OF INTEGRITY before his fellow man. (Genesis 6:9)

"Noah walked with God" - That is, he and God were CONVERSANT. They had a relationship. (Genesis 6:9)

STANDING ALONE FOR GOD is a tough but achievable assignment which God expects us to accomplish!

My prayer is that you are having a great week!

Dwight Hill

+Genesis 6:2; 7:13; 4:8,22

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