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March 13, 1996

Good Morning!


All of us have known or observed those rare individuals who seem to be able to take what is average and forge it into greatness:

- A dis-interested student

- A failing company

- A discouraged athlete

Look into the eyes of the person on the street and more often than not you will see disappointment. Unfulfilled aspirations. People who have settled into second best. In all probability whatever dreams they once had have failed to translate into reality.

Oh, there are the exceptions to be sure.

But what you don't often see in people's eyes is that spark...that sense of anticipation...HOPE.

I have a question for we who have tasted of the richness of Christ and have come to understand the greatest challenge ever meted out to mankind - that of going and making disciples of every nation:

"Must we too be consigned to that same category of dashed dreams, disappointment, and run of the mill subsistence?" I would like to believe the answer is a resounding "No!"

Listen to Robert K. Greenleaf: "Servant leaders are healers in the sense of making whole by helping others to a larger and nobler vision and purpose than they would be likely to attain for themselves."

The prophet Isaiah gave us the secret to fulfilled dreams and hope in writing, "...If you give yourself to the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, THEN SHALL YOUR LIGHT RISE IN DARKNESS, AND YOUR GLOOM WILL BECOME LIKE MIDDAY AND THE LORD WILL CONTINUALLY GUIDE YOU, AND SATISFY YOUR DESIRES...AND YOU SHALL BE LIKE A WATERED GARDEN..." (ISAIAH 58:10, 11)

Back to Mr. Greenleaf: Those servant leaders who are great for God understand what it means to take that "average" person and serve him in Jesus' name. They know what it means to bring healing to him by helping him "to a larger and nobler vision and purpose than [he] would be likely to attain for [himself]."

That is, the servant leader knows the importance of believing in him, investing his life in him, and pouring out his soul for him. He understands what it means to take him to the top of the mountain and help him gain a vision of what he can become for God...To fire in his soul a passion for greatness that is characterized by a life of sacrificial service to others.

And in so doing, the servant leader himself will also be lifted out of the quagmire of self-absorption and despair to become a watered garden from which others may freely drink.

I trust you are having a great week!

Dwight Hill

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