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13 August, 1997 - Singapore

Good Morning!


- When I begin to act as if genuine joy is dependent on the state of the circumstances surrounding me.

- When I begin to lose the distinct aroma of the fragrance of Christ in my life.

- When I begin to feel or act as if my self-worth and acceptance is dependent on how well I perform.

- When I am losing my grip on the reality of spiritual warfare. Then I begin to treat my brother or my fellow human being as my enemy and seek to do battle with fleshly weapons.

- When I act as if victory or success depends on me and my ability rather than on the adequacy of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

- When I place undue emphasis on programming and planning to the exclusion of His direction, leading and guidance.

- When more time is spent in the "activities arena" than in the prayer closet.

- When the praises of men and women become more important than the approval of God.

- When relating to and caring for people is less important than programs, planning, meetings, and budgets.

- When I assume responsibility to worry and fret over things and people that God in His sovereignty and power would take charge of (if I would allow Him to do so).

- When my rights become more important than God's will and way.

My prayer is that you are having a great week.

Dwight Hill

+ Mr. Jim White

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