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13 May 1998 - Singapore

Good Morning!

MEN: WANT TO BEEF UP YOUR MARRIAGE? Then follow these few Suggestions+:

#l. Support her in front of the childrea. Whether or not you agree with her position or decisions, support her. Then, talk about the differences in private.

#2. Make a will. What will happen with your fnances if you were to die? If she were to die? If one of the kids were to die? Regularly talk about it and update the will.

#3. Quit whining! About money, health, job, being tired, etc..

#4. Schedule her at least once a week for a special time together. Write it in your appointment book and allow nothing to make you late, forget or reschedule.

#5. Pray together. At meals, at bedtime, at church, etc.. Pray with her about problems and situations that you are both facing individually, as a couple, with the children, etc..

#6. Learn not to be a perfectionist! Expectations can kill a relationship. Be specific about your needs and be patient when they are unmet.

#7. Never bring up her faults. Or remind her of her mistakes - especially in front of others. Learn to forgive, work to forget.

#8. Ask her to give vou input about you. Seek her input on areas that pertain to changes in your life. Don't be defensive, and listen to what she says.

#9. Value the differences between you. Learn to acknowledge, accept, and respect the differences in the way that you and your wife think, feel, speak, etc.

#10. Remember dates! Always remember dates which are important to her. But you should also remember the difficult ones like anniversaries of the deaths of her loved ones.

Far more important than vour desire for a better marriage is God's command that you live with your wife in a Biblical manner. If you choose not to, forget about your prayer life. God is not listening

"... You... men live considerately with your wives, with an intelligent recognition of the marriage relation, honoring the woman as physically tle weaker, but realizing that you are joint heirs of the grace of .. life, IN ORDER THAT YOUR PRAYERS MAYNOT BE HINDERED AND CUT OFF .. " (I Peter 5: 7 Amplified

My prayer is that you are having a great week!

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