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20 May, 1998 - Singapore

Good Morning!


#1. Ask and listen. Ask her how her day went and then sit and listen attentively. Turn off the television and radio, and put down the newspaper.

#2 Keep your word. If you said you would do something, do it. Write it in your schedule immediately and make it a priority above all others.

#3 Work on yourself. This is probably the greatest gift you can give her by showing her that you love and honor her enough to make the necessary changes you need to make.

#4 Say "I love you" a million times a year! Tell her "I love you" until she is sick of hearing it. Say it when you feel overwhelmed by your emotions for her and when you don't feel like it.

#5. Don't avoid the issues by sweeping them under the rug. After emotions have cooled, graciously identify and approach the problem and seek solutions. Otherwise resentment builds.

#6. Wash the dishes. Make a commitment to wash the dishes every night that she cooks the meal. Then keep your word for the entire week, month, etc..., with no reminders.

#7. Be a reasonable father. Get up and check on the kids when they cry in the middle of the night. Be careful not to overcorrect or be harsh with them. Lift the load with the kids.

#8. Don't ever compare her! Especially to another woman in a negative or positive way. This includes your mother, previous girlfriends, co-workers, etc...

#9. Take out the garbage. To the place where it is picked up. Do it without her asking you. And do it when she wants it done, not when you feel like doing it! Then replace the can liner, etc.

#10 Don't make her feel bad about money! Don't make her feel bad about buying special things for the house, gifts for the kids, her family, friends, you, or for herself.

I doubt that we men can possibly follow these suggestions without cultivating a close walk with Christ through time with Him. Only Christ can tame the beast in us!

+ Adpated from "199 Ideas and Sugestions to Honor and Love Your Wife", by Bob Vickers and Rod Casey My prayer is that you are having a great week!

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