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10 June,1998 - Singapore

Good Morning!


I wonder if most of us don't secretly love our sin. But because it robs us of our power and peace, we confess it and go straight for awhile. But then, like a reforming alcoholic, we tire of our chastity and find ourselves seeking out or allowing our pet sins to once again gain control over us.

Yet the Scriptues instruct us that "to fear the Loev is to hate evi.." (Proverbs 8:13)

Kin Josia.h demonstrated a hate for sin that is uni ue in the amnals of Israel's histo Upon learning of the Scripture's teaching on holiness, he tore his cloths, repented, and then took severe steps to eradicate blatant practices of sin among his people. He:

Removed and burned articles used for worshipping Baal and the stars

Tore down the Quarters of the male prostitutes

Desecrated the places where child sacrifices were located

Pulled down an alter dedicated to the worship of the stars; smashing them into pieces and throwing them outside the City of Jerusalem

Had bones from the hillside removed and burned to defile pagan locales of worship

Did away with pagan priests

Desecrated, burned and ground to dust the "high places" (places where pagan priests burned incense)

Removed horses dedicated to the sun

Burned chariots dedicated to the sun

Smashed and cut down artifacts related to the worship of a Canaanite mother-goddess

Demolished a golden calf at Bethel

Removed and defiled all the shrines on the "high places "

Slaughtered all the priests of the "high Got rid of all the mediums, sairitists places"; burning human bones on them and household oods, idols, and all to defile them from further practices other "detestable" thins in Judah and

Jerusalem (II Kings 22, 23 ) Josiah's passionate hatred of sin is Exactly what God expects of us: "Let those who love the LORD hate evil." (Psalm 97:10a)

QUESTION: Which impression would a careful observer of your life have?

That you hate your sin? Or,

That you coddle your sin?

My prayer is that you are having a great week!

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