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8 July, 1998<

Good Morning!


Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who said the wheels were coming off his personal and professional life as he struggles to jugggggle all the balls in the air. His life, he said, seemed to consist of one mad rush to keep up with the rest of the pack.

As he talked, I was reminded of a scene at Disneyland where Alice in Wonderland dances with the Mad Hatter. Actually, it is only an illusion inventively created with lights and mirrors. A hologram.

We live in a world of holograms - where Christians are often caught in an enslaving scramble to keep up with those smooth characters who seem to be two or three steps above us on the professional, social, economic or educational ladder...Just out of our reach...

From our vantage point, "THEY HAVE ARRIVED," while the rest of us mortals, (who are numbly unaware that the hologram is only an illusion of reality) sweat, scrabble, and puff, to get where we think they are, as we spend money we do not have to purchase things we do not need, in order to impress people we do not like.


So why are we chasing the holograms in our frentic pursuit to "arrive". BeAUSE WE LOVE WHAT WE PERCEIVE TO BE THEIR "DESIGNER" LIFESTYLES: There are never any holes in their socks; their teen-age kids are never plagued with acne, and there is never a cash flow problem in their business. And they always vacation in the exotic spots. In blissful harmony, of course.

The true disciple of Jesus who is walking by faith however, sees through the holograms to the reality of the eternal, ("we walk by faith, not by sight" -- II Cor. 5:7) and as such is increasingly becoming a "stranger" and "pilgrim" on the earth -- out of step (and sorts) with societies' fixation on the revered hologram:

"These people...living by faith...admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth...(and were) looking for a country of their own...longing for a better country--a heavenly one." (Hebrews 11:13, 14a)

QUESTION: Judging by your lifestyle, would you say that you are captivated by the illusive and illusionary holograms? Or by a vision of the eternal? How would the folks next door answer that question of you?
My prayer is that you are having a great week!

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