Not by Works

Ephesians 2:9 ... not of works, lest any man should boast.

We were ministering in a remote village in the Philippines. Miracles had accompanied the preaching of the Word, over eighty souls were added to the kingdom of God, a church was birthed (one is there today) and I was one tired evangelist.

The pastor/interpreter was taking us back to our place of rest, when suddenly the car stopped. I was puzzled this was not where we were staying. I was in the back seat of his little car, totally relaxed. He parked the car, shut off the engine, and twisted his head around to explain to me. 'Pastor,' he began to speak, 'this family has asked'

It was past midnight, and I was exhausted. I don't mind my schedule changed by those who are not a part of the ministry team, but this was different. Whatever was planned, he had kept it from me. 'Please don't do this to me!' I pleaded.

This family,' he continued, 'have a baby consumed with fever. The doctor says the child will not live. Even if the child should live, it can not be normal. They have asked you to come and pray.'

A dying child! Suddenly I was ashamed. Ten minutes later, when they brought the child to me for prayer, that little forehead was very cool already touched by the power of God! I was perhaps the only one present so painfully aware that my prayer had not been responsible for the miracle! (The child was, and remains perfectly whole.)

God's marvelous grace had reached out to meet their faith, not my 'works!'

Not by Works

by Phil Freeman

Someday when I before Him stand,
The record shall be clear:
The holy saints and angel band
Will all be gathered near.

He'll replay situations where
I'd feared I'd lost my way
He'll show me how, His grace revealed,
Some angel saved the day!

In Heaven, Truth shines oh, so clear
All lies and darkness flee!
His perfect justice holds rule there,
His mercy covers me!

It's not by works which I have done,
Or evermore may do!
But I believe and trust in Him,
And in His mercy true!

It's what He did Who died for me,
My Substitute, my Lord
His perfect record sets me free,
I'm covered by His blood!

And so I'll walk with Him today,
And learn to trust His grace;
It's not the works I do or say
That earn my future place!

©1996 by Phil Freeman

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