Epistles to the Cyberchurch - Su Min

To: en & others
From: Su Min
Subject: Olive Leaf

To my dearest daughter in Poole, Grace and peace be to you!

Let us continue today with Genesis Chapter 8 which describes the end of the flood. (Incidentally, apparently there are quite a number of ancient communities who document legends of a great deluge that flooded the whole earth.)

Chapter 8 vs. 1 begins with God remembering Noah. It was God who instructed Noah to build the ark. It was God who ordered Noah to go into the ark. It was God who shut Noah into the ark. It was God who sent the waters that flooded the earth. Now God remembers Noah not that he ever forgot about Noah and the beautiful part of this lesson is that it teaches us that God remembers us. He know each one of us, he knew us before we were made and he knows each hair on our head.!)

God remembers Noah and God sends a wind to dry up the waters. After 150 days the waters dry up and the ark rests on Mount Ararat probably in present day Armenia (some archaeologist claims to have found the ark there). Water still covers the earth and a raven sent out returns. Water subsides further and one day the raven does not come back. A dove sent out returns with an olive leaf. The submerged olive trees must be springing to life again. Water subsides further and one day the dove does not come back (Gen 8:12). God instructs Noah to come out. What is Noah's response to being saved from extinction? Noah builds an altar and makes an offering in worship and thanksgiving. Does this guide our response when we are brought through great times of trouble, when we see God's protective hand at work? I think it does. We may not be required to build altars, but we are required to offer sacrifice, as spelled out in Romans 12:1 "offer your bodies as living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to God".

The sacrifice was pleasing to God, and God covenants never again to destroy all living creatures. Vs 21 & 22 closes chapter 8 with a sweet promise. What a promise, what a loving God.

love, dad.

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