Epistles to the Cyberchurch - Su Min

To: en & others
From: Su Min
Subject: The Rainbow

My dearest enenenen (quadruple so because I love you!)

Today's sharing is based on Genesis Chapter 9. Just before you read this chapter, do take a little time to close your eyes and focus on God almighty, thank him for his daily presence with you, praise and worship him for his greatness (he who created heaven and earth and all that is beneath it) and ask for a blessing as you read His word, that you may hear his voice and receive his message, anticipating him to meet you at your very point of need. Then read genesis chapter 9.

"Go forth and multiply" (Gen 1:28, Gen 9:1, Gen 9:7 as in KJV is not an injunction for mathematics, but nor is it a strict instruction to spend all time and resource in a frenzied effort to overpopulate the earth. Some traditionalists take this verse to imply that family planning is against the designs of God, but the mainstream Protestant interpretation is that we are to be "fruitful and increase on number, and fill the earth" yet the sensible use of family planning allows us to have the children we want when we want.

In verse v2 God gives control of all the animals and birds and fish to man, and includes them as food to be eaten (remember the vegetables in Gen 2:16). God places limitation on eating, and pronounces the sanctity of life.

In verse 7-18 God makes a covenant with Noah and his descendants and with every living creature, that God will never again destroy the world by flood, and God declares that the rainbow will be a sign of this covenant. That makes looking at a rainbow even more precious and beautiful, doesn't it?.

As to "forthing and multiplying", Noah's three sons got to work and soon filled the earth: Gen 9:18 is expanded in chapter 10 and we will come to that another day. In the meanwhile (Gen 9:20-27) Noah gets drunk, naked and exposed (warning us surely of the dangers of drinking too much wine): Shem and Japheth honourable cover up this mistake, but not before Ham was very rude and disrespectful. The 3 sons get their dues from this event (Gen 9:25-27), a cursing and a blessing.

Old man Noah lives 950 years, quite a life, this man who was noble and upright and walked with God (Gen 6:9)

I trust that this review of Noah has been meaningful for you.

love dad

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