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To: en & others
From: Su Min
Subject: Lot, Melchizedek

My dearest beloved,

We share today on Genesis 14. War in the Middle East is nothing new: back in the old days there was war as well, this area centred around the Dead Sea (Salt Sea, Gen 14:3). I remember floating in the Salt Sea and sticking my toes up in the air: we have some funny video clips of this place! But it weren't so funny when Lot was there. It was decadent and wicked, full of warring fractions and tar pits, and Lot is captured (Gen 14:12) by the gang of 4 (Amraphel, Arioch, Kedorlaomer & Tidal).

Good old Uncle Abram is told about the fate of his nephew. We are told by bible scholars that Gen 14:13 is the first time any body is called a Hebrew. The exact origin of this word "Hebrew" is not known. But Abram, was called a Hebrew, and Abram was the first Hebrew that we know of, and Abram was to be the father of the Hebrew people. Good old uncle Abram summons the available fighting force he has, and assembles not just any old jaga but 318 trained men, and goes in hot pursuit, and by vs. 16 we read of how successful this expedition was. Abram returns triumphant (vs. 17).

Then Melchizedek appears (vs. 18). In theological senses, he appears to be important, being king of Salem (Jerusalem) and priest of God Most High, surely he worships the same God as the God of Abram and our Almighty God, for Melchizedek states that God Most High is Creator of Heaven and Earth (Gen 14:19). Hebrews 5:6-11 and 6:20- 7:28 links Jesus to Melchizedek, and establishes the superiority of Christ. When I first read Heb 6, I did not know who Melchizedek was: now I know, now, you know, at least we have some foggy idea. Do read the quoted passages from Hebrews. Much of Hebrews is quite cheem, but Hebrew chapter 13 is quite clear. Do read this chapter through.

Abram presents a tithe to the priest of the God Most High, and declines to take any of the war bounty himself.

Let us end today with Hebrew 13:20: focus on the meaning of each phrase of this passage, and use as a prayer for each one of ourselves, and for each of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

love dad

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