Epistles to the Cyberchurch - Su Min

To: en & more
From: Su Min
Subject: Abraham Died

To all in cyberspace who are loved by God and called to be saints: Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ! (Rom 1:7)

Today, as we look at Genesis 25: 1-11, what strikes me is as follows:

So, it is quite plain: He left behind his possessions, he did not take them with him. There was a disposition of his possessions: a will, so to speak. Then he died and was buried.

The confluence of this text with the funeral of two friends (1. Aunty Hogan, and 2.wife of Choirmate Raymond) seems to tell me today we are to take a firm look at death. Each of us must expect one day to breath our last breath and die.

Most Asians shy away from this: pantang: bad luck. But we, the children of light, see death not as a failure, but as a stepping stone to the great eternal beyond, a lifetime of fellowship with God (Unless we have got it wrong, unless we have made a wilful choice to go the other place!)

Before the age of 40 I often used to feel immortal: death was for other people: it would not happen to me: but having crossed 40, and not expecting to cross 80, I figured I had stayed on earth at least 50% of my due duration, and I learned to live a day at a time, thanking God for each day.

It is not wrong to want to live. God has planted us here on earth for His purpose and His plan. We need to be sensitive to know His will for us. We are to minister to the poor, sick, the widows, orphans, the blind, the lame, the prisoners, the naked, the hungry: we are to spread the good news, and demonstrate God's love by the fruit of the spirit that we bear.

At the same time, medically speaking, I realise that for any of us, each day may be our last day: a medical catastrophe, physical illness, accident, lightning, whatever: suddenly any one of us may die suddenly: some meet a swift end: others lingering death.

How will we face death?: will there be regrets that we have not said sorry to those we love?: Did we give one last hug and kiss to our loved ones?: did we take the opportunity to spread the good news? What will the Lord say when we stand before the great white throne? "Well done thy good and faithful servant"? (Matt 25:21) Do our daily lives deserve that praise? Or will there be wailing and gnashing of teeth? (Matt 25:30).

Have we used our talent wisely or have we hid our talent in the ground (Matt 25:25). Will the master see that we are wicked and lazy (Matt 25:26)?

Shall we pray:

Love dad

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