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From: Su Min
Subject: Isaac & Abimelech

My dearly beloved,

Today we read Genesis Chapter 26, and find history repeating itself: in the main, man is sinful and continues to fall short of God's standards. We all seem to make the same mistake over and over again, and need to daily repent of our sins....

Abimelech is King of Gerar in Philistine. Abimelich "the divine king is my father" may have been a cognomen of Philistine kings like the Egyptian "pharaoh". We understand the Abimelech in Gen 26 is a similar but different person from the Abimelech in Gen 20.

Famine drives Isaac and Rebekah to Gerar, and to protect his own life, Isaac claims that beautiful Rebekah is his sister (Like father like son, Gen 20:2 some things never change). After a long time, the game is given away when as documented in Gen 20:8 Isaac is seen behaving in quite an unbrotherly way to Rebekah.

I think the KJV version puts it very dramatically and sweetly: the king looked, and saw, and behold, Isaac was sporting with his wife.

Now there is nothing wrong with sporting with one's wife: indeed this passage does confirm that it is God's desire for each husband to sport, caress and fondle his wife (rejoice in the wife of your youth Proverbs 5:18). But this sporting, caressing, fondling is not for brother, sister nor any other couple. Furthermore, Isaac had lied about the relationship, claiming to be brother to Rebekah, putting her at risk of exposure to sexual advances by the Philistine, and putting the Philistines at risk of punishment in the event of such sexual advances.

Abimelech is good man. He chastises Isaac for this wrong (Gen 26:10), and declares protection over Isaac and Rebekah (Gen 26:11).

Isaac continues to prosper, till envy wells up in the Philistines (Gen 26:14)
The water quarrel, and the treaty (Gen 26:16-33) are reminiscent of old times (Gen 20: 22-34), important to us being:

Let us pray

Love dad

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