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From: Su Min
Subject: Jacob Gets Blessing


Today we look at Genesis 27. Here we read a tale of tangled deceit, man seeking to do things his way, yet in spite of all the sin, God continues to love the sinner (through not the sin). Here I find so many reasons to bless God, who loves me although I continue to bumble and stumble on my way along the path of life, sometimes working towards God, and at other times straying away.. but all the time God loves me and protects me...

As we look at this chapter vs 1-40, we see that Isaac has become old and doddery, and through the years has failed to identify and correct the weaknesses in the family, as is the role and duty of the head of household. Household heads take heed!

Esau is guilty of being focused on the now, pleasing the body with no thought of things eternal.

Rebekah is guilty to loving her son Jacob to a fault, scheming to further his interests against the recognised flow of things decreeing that the first born should have the prime inheritance.

Jacob is a willing partner to his mother's plots and plans: he lies and cheats his father into blessing him.

The tail end of Chapter 27 vs 41-46 show how the family suffers from their indiscretions.

Esau is fuelled with a burning desire to kill his brother (Gen 27:41) (it is not wrong to feel hurt, but if we allow the hurt to fester within us without forgiveness, then we will not experience wholeness, healing and peace).

Rebekah sends Jacob away, Jacob whom she loves, for she figures if Esau kills Jacob and Esau is executed for that crime, she will be left with no sons at all. Furthermore, she expresses to Isaac her distress with the Hittite daughter in laws who Esau married.

Isaac faces a broken family and a grumbling wife.. compare Gen 27:46 with Proverb 27:15-16. Oh, the pain of falling short of God's standards...

Let us close in prayer.

Love dad

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