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To: 6 readers
From: Su Min
Subject: Butler & Baker

Dearly beloved,

let me begin by sharing a nice card I found called

Hallelujah, we thank God for that! Well, back to Genesis 40. We join Joseph in the dungeon, placed there under false charges of attempted rape. And we find that the Lord was with Joseph, even as he was falsely imprisoned, and that which he did, the Lord made it to prosper. Just as he was once in the good books of Potiphar, so too was Joseph in the good books of the keeper of the prison, who thought well of Joseph, and placed Joseph in charge of all those who were held in prison.

The Butler and the Baker (the Chief Butler and the Chief Baker of the Pharaoh, King Of Egypt, that is to say) had offended their master and were cast into the same prison, placed under Joseph's supervision (Gen 40:1-4).

Behold, one night both Butler and Baker had a dream (Gen 40:5).

Joseph gives glory to God, declaring that interpretations of these dreams are given by God (Gen 40:8). Joseph proceeds to give the interpretation of Butler's dream, predicting in 3 days freedom and reinstatement. He implores Butler to remember Joseph kindly (Gen 40:14), stating clearly that he had done nothing to deserve being in prison (Gen 40: 15).

Baker was keen for interpretation of his dream (Gen 40:16). Joseph reveals that the dream declares the end of the baker. And the predictions were true (Gen 40:20-22):in 3 days time Butler was reinstated and Baker was executed. Glory to God!

But Butler forgot to remember Joseph, and Joseph was to languish in jail for a full two years.. but that is the story for tomorrow night said the princess to the sheikh...

Let us close in prayer.

Love Dad.

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