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To: All
From: Su Min
Subject: Mother-in-law

Hi Ben!
(ben: Strong's Concordance 1121: son: in its widest sense literal and figurative relationships including grandson, nation: looks like a good appellation for cyberspace family of bible students!)

Today's scripture passage is Matt 8:14.

At first sight, the brevity of the passage seemed to suggest to me that there is not much to learn from this passage: but the personage of the healed: mother-in-law of Simon Peter, raised to me the possibility of sharing with you about love for mother-in-laws, much maligned by stand up comics. Praise God for mother-in-laws: without them, where would we get the wives for men to marry and husbands for women to marry? Of course there is potential for friction between in-laws, but more of that anon.

I found that there are two further parallel passages that outline this miracle, and for this miracle to be reported three times in the gospels tells to me that this miracle must be of significance. We shall study, meditate and see what God has to tell us:

We read Mark 1:29-31 and Luke 4:38-39 to get a fuller understanding of this miracle of healing. We collate the texts and understand as follows:

Just after leaving the synagogue (Mark 1:29) Jesus came into the house of his disciples Simon Peter and Andrew in Capernaum and was told that the hostess (mother-in-law of Simon Peter) was indisposed (Mark 1:30). He went to see her and found the lady lying in bed, suffering from a high fever (Matt 8:14, Luke 5:38). They asked Jesus to help her (Luke 5:38). Jesus went to her (Mark 1:31), bent over her (Luke 4;39) touched her hand (Matt 8:15), and rebuked the fever (Luke 4:39), and the fever left her (Matt 8:15, Mark 1:31, Luke 4:39). Jesus took her hand and helped her up (Mark 1:31). She got up at once and began to wait on them.

The lesson:

Let us pray.

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