Epistles to the Cyberchurch - Su Min

From: Su Min
Subject: Objectives

Dearly Beloved For our choir fellowship this Friday I am given the opportunity to share. I am led to share with my choir the lessons learnt from the 7 parables we have been reviewing over the last few sessions. To put it into a formal teaching session I have envisaged the following EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES

At the end of the session you should be able to:

LIST, EXPLAIN and USE the parables in Matthew Chapter 13 for the edification of the saints and the


LIST is easy.

I can group them as Agricultural: Sower, Tares, Mustard, Yeast, Net (Fish) and Physical: Treasure and Pearl

There are seven days in the week and we can also link these parables to the days of the week

We can also categorise the parables as to the main thrust: it seems to me to be the best way to categorise them.

Explaining these parables in word pictures that are congruent to the listeners ears is the task we fill with trepidation yet excitement. We can use the original parable, or repaint the parable with our own words, or spin out our own parable from the present day..

This exercise will form the main topic for the sharing:

The kingdom of heaven is a growing family: (sower, mustard, yeast)

The kingdom of heaven is a destiny for all to receive final judgement (tares, net)
Let us pause to think of a modern analogy or two What are the common day events that where we sort things out into two groups?

Dearly beloved, when you share these parables with your friends, believers and non-believers, you are like a man who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.

Grace, peace and love.

Su Min

For any comments or enquiries please write to Dr. Lim Su Min

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