Epistles to the Cyberchurch - Su Min

From: Su Min
Subject: Re: RE>Three Modern Parables

========== 29 October 1996

Dear brother MKL I will try to explain:....

my idea was to use a modern day simile which the average Singaporean could relate to....

but I must have skipped a line or two...

so here we go again, with a bit more detail

so precious is the kingdom of heaven, so desirable it is, that a man who wants it will do everything he can to acquire it. A good condominium apartment is a target of desire that Singaporeans can relate to. Price high, never mind. They will still buy, even though it costs them every cent they can afford.
The kingdom of God is a precious possession like that, MKL. Greatly treasured, expensive to purchase: It requires you to give up all your worldly desires...

get it?

like the sower who was sowing seeds that landed on 4 different areas.

and the seed that fell on the path was taken away by the birds.
Some peoples hearts are stony hard.
The word of God falls upon it: the message of repentance and reconciliation.
But they will not hear. The seed has no chance to sprout. the devil comes to take it away. One soul lost forever.....

some seeds fell on shallow soil. they sprout but can not send down their roots to gather water. The sun comes up and they wither away. so too: the word of God falls on the ears of some who will listen superficially.
Because they will not mature, their joy is short lived. as soon as trouble or persecution comes, they wither away.

and the seeds that fell amongst the thorns started well: but as the plants grew they were strangled by the thorns: so too they that hear The Word and pay attention, but later get distracted by worldly things, strangled by wealth, corruption: they fail to contribute to the kingdom..

this speaks of people like you Brother MKL: you have heard The Word: you accept: you grow in faith: you send your roots deep down to draw on the living water: you feed daily on the Bread of Life: you reach maturity and bear fruit of the spirit: you tell the good news and draw others to the kingdom. the one person that brought you to Christ will see you bring 30, 60 100 and more to the throne of grace. Amen!

One day we all will stand before the great white throne. Time is up. Pens down. Examination over.
If we have passed the exams, if we have been true to the faith, may God let us hear these words "Well done thy good and faithful servant. enter into your master's joy".

If we have been self centred. spent our life worshipping earthly gods, pursuing money, wealth, power, gossip, grumbling, we will not pass the exam. Fail, Big red duck's e.g. Zero marks. We will not be allowed to enter the kingdom. Gathered with the goats: gathered with the rotten fish to be thrown away. gathered with the withered branches to be cast into the outer darkness where there will be eternal wailing and gnashing of teeth, gathered to be thrown on the eternal fire where torment will never cease.

I pray that this is a bit clearer, Brother MKL.

grace love and peace Su Min

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