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From: Su Min
Subject: Nepal

Dearly beloved: Ever think of Nepal? Great things are happening there for The Kingdom: Do read and pray:

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October 18, 1996

Dear Friends,

Here ís the latest report from the front lines of NEPAL! After ten weeks in the Hindu stronghold, one of the most spiritually oppressed area in the world, we are back in Hong Kong with the news that the darkness there is giving way to the LIGHT of the gospel.

In August, we began with an evangelism trek into the remote mountain villages to preach. We went in a group of eight- a mixture of friends from the West, and local believers. Preaching and passing out tracts from village to village, we found most of the people open and interested. Many that we spoke to had never heard the name of Jesus before. When the villagers heard that this God could protect them from the feared evil spirits that abound in the hills, they became even more interested. The Nepali people worship their many idols and spirits out of fear, and respond quickly to the God of love.

In one place we stopped for the night, a village band came out of the hills to play in front of our guest house. We listened while the group, mostly old men and young boys, played their ancient Nepali drums and horns. Then we took out our guitar and sang songs about Jesus to them, and shared the gospel. They told us they worshipped their instruments, as their ancestors had. We replied that they could instead worship the God who made each of them, and the trees that their instruments were made from. They believed us, accepted the good news, and continued to play. But as we listened, we could hear changes in their songs. Now they were singing about Jesus!

In the village of Bantanti, an innkeeper and her relatives accepted Jesus, and invited us back. So on our return trip we stayed at her guest house, and had an evening meeting for the neighbours. Twelve adults came, and received all we had to say with gratefulness and joy. This village was so open, that after our trip we sent back three different follow-up teams of our Mission Training Center (MTC) students from Pokhara, to encourage the new believers. During each trip more people came to Christ, until the whole village believed. God has also already blessed this group with several miracles. They have witnessed demon possessed people delivered, and six-year old lame boy who had never walked completely healed. Twenty-five people are ready for baptism this week. Please pray for the newly planted ìVictory churchî in Bantanti!

After our trek, we invested time in teaching at the Sower’s Ministry MTC in Pokhara. Our goal there is to train local young men and women as leaders and church planters. This is a great need as the number of new believers in Nepal continues to grow. It is now estimated that there are 200,000 Christians in Nepal compared to the 15,000 before 1980, and they desperately need pastors and strong local churches.

local pastors and gospel workers, including seven from our new Bantanti church, came to learn and be refreshed. Approximately one hundred and twenty delegates came from out of town. In the evening meetings we also brought people in by bus from all over the Kathmandu valley, filling the building with 400-500 people. From this group, many were saved for the first time.

The Holy Spirit moved in a tremendous way during the ministry times, and people fell under the power of God by the dozens. Many were baptised in the Holy Spirit. After the conference, this was one of the things that the people said they most needed and appreciated- teaching about and impartation of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. And what greater need in the demonic stronghold of Nepal? The believers, even the very newest ones, immediately receive and begin to use their authority in the name of Jesus - it isn’t an option there. Now the light is penetrating the darkness, so please pray for Nepal!

Yours for reaching the unreached,


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