Epistles to the Cyberchurch - Su Min

From: Su Min
Subject: facing death

Thursday 21st November 1996


Dearly beloved: Six weeks ago (Wed, 9 Oct 1996) I wrote about cousin SS, in his mid thirties, who had just found out he has liver cancer.


He has now taken a turn for the worse and has been vomiting blood: massive blood transfusion has been given, and varicose veins within the gullet have been treated by banding to stop the bleeding. He awaits transfer to hospice care.

"I LOVE YOU" I spent a few precious moments with him yesterday afternoon. He is very very exhausted. Tubes and pipes were running in and out of him all over the place. The pumps and the monitors were flashing and beeping. We held hands and he took delight in saying "I love you" to me. He, who is usually very reserved about displays of emotion and affection.


We read some psalms, sang some songs, and then took some time to pray. I asked cousin SS what he would like us to pray for, and I share his prayer items with you:

  1. Feeling that God was calling him home soon, cousin SS asked that God, in His mercy, would let him have just 4 more years. There was so much kingdom work to be done. Cousin SS confessed that he had back-slided badly for 4 years, and asks that he may have 4 years to do the right thing, worshipping God, and spreading the gospel.

  2. He was burdened with the idea of leaving his aged father uncared for.

  3. He was burdened with the thought of leaving his two sisters behind.

  4. Cousin SS recalls how when he very young, his late mother used to tell of a mother hen who loved her chicks so much, that when a barn fire raged, she covered her 10 chicks with her wings. In the morning the farmer found a roasted hen, but the chicks were alive.

Perhaps a fable, a fairy tale. But the point is that this story meant much to cousin SS. It told him of his mother's love for him.

I was able to use this story of his and link it to Psalms_91:4. I pointed out, as a mother hen loves her chicks, so much more does a human parent love his/her children, and so much even more does our heavenly Father love us, his redeemed children.


Yes, God loves us so much that He redeemed us from eternal death, paying the price with the life of his only son Jesus. By dying on the cross and by raising from the grave, conquering sin and death, Jesus has given us eternal life.

Yes, and as we wobble our way though this mortal life, there are times when we have to traverse the dark valley of the shadow of death.



Cousin SS has a glimmer of hope. He prays for a miracle. God does answer prayers. Cancer patients do get healed, dead do arise from the grave. But these miracles are few and far between. If all true believers receive total cure of all their ills we would all be living for thousands and thousands of years on earth.. when would we get to heaven? (This does not stop us for praying for healing though.)

God's plan is to call us all home, some sooner, some later, but sooner or later life on this earth will end:

What do I say to cousin SS? I ask him what he would like us to pray for. His prayer request is expressed as above. I pray for him, item by item.

grace love and peace

Su Min

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