Dear Jesus

Copyright (c) 1996 by Gilberto Barreto

(18 seconds lead-in)

    E             G#m              A                     G#m
Our Lord, Immanuel,            The Word, our Rock eternal,

        A           G#m            A                B       E A B
Our forever loving Savior,     Who was and is and is to come.

    E                    G#m       A                    G#m
You are the King of Kings.     You are the Lord of Lords.

    A              F#                B
You are the resurrection and the life.

   A                  B     A                  B
Establishing your kingdom upon the Throne of David

     E                    G#m          A B
With righteousness and justice over all.

   A              E            A                      E
Magnificent in wisdom.         Brilliant in your light.

     A              E       A                   B
From now until forever your reign will never end.


       A          B                A E     A                 E
Dear Jesus, our Savior and our life.    We love you and adore you,

    A                      E           A       B            E E7
And build our lives around you.    You are our Lord and King.

(Repeat chorus)

       A          B                A E
Dear Jesus, our Savior and our life.

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Created: 3 May, 1997 ______ Last updated: 4 May, 1997