Mt Carmel

Elijah on Mt Carmel stood
Four hundred and fifty stood against him
An altar was built, a bull prepared
The morning young, the light still dim
Crying, "O Baal, answer us!",
From morn to noon they danced and prayed
But not a spark of fire was there
upon the altar they had made

When the noonday sun rose in the skies
Elijah had begun to jeer
"Surely he's a god", he cried,
"but maybe asleep and cannot hear!"
Louder rose the cries and shouts
They slashed themselves till their own blood ran
And evening came but still no sign
Of the miracle they'd originally planned

Elijah now took centre-stage
"Come here to me" he said to them
And then he commenced to rebuild
The altar of the God of Abraham
Twelve stones he chose to use for this
Twelve, for the tribes of Isra-el
Around the altar he dug a trench
Then prepared the wood, the bull as well

Four jars with water then were filled
And poured upon the offering
They did so thrice until the water
Ran into the trench surrounding
He prayed ,"O Lord, God of Abraham,
Let it be known throughout the land
That you are God in Isra-el
And all this done by your command"

"Answer me, O Lord, that they may know
That you, O Lord, are truly God"
And the fire of the Lord fell before their eyes
As Elijah heaven-ward implored
It burned the wood in a fiery blaze
Consumed the sacrifice as well
It licked up the water in the trench
And the people seeing this prostrate fell

Their voices rose in one accord,
"The Lord---he is God! The Lord---he is God!

--Esther Lee

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