When storm clouds move in
and cover up our clear blue sky
When mountains are too big
Too strong, too high

When sickness comes upon us
like darkness creeping on the ground
When we lose our hope
Seeming too hard to be found

When affliction falls and pelts us
like hail on a stormy day
When we lose sight and stumble
When we don't know the way

Remember the Lord who saves us
Remember the sacrifice of the Lamb
He loves you and guides you
"Peace be still. I AM WHO I AM."

Look back and remember
all the good things He did by grace
Stand strong and upright
Look up to His glorious face

Remember all the things
He has done for us in the past
Place your hand in Him
And in Him hold fast

Praise Him!
He is Lord of lords, and King of kings
Guide us through, Jesus
May Your praise we sing!

-Desmond Tee

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