Open Heaven In '97

Contributed by: Ras Robinson (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
on December 27, 1996


God is about to rend the Heavens and come down among His people in great power! He is coming because of His sovereignty but also because of the endless prayers of the intercessors and prayers of the saints around the world. Perhaps beyond any time in history, the church is praying. God has heard and is hearing our prayers. He is about to visit us in great power!

When the Heavens open great judgement and blessings and God's bountiful benefits will hit the church as well as the world. He will judge those who have not judged themselves first. Wise are those who walk in current judgement of their lives. It is better that we judge ourselves!

When the Heavens open God is going to pour out upon those who have judged themselves the blessings so great they will find difficulty in storing up the blessings. Those who repent of robbing God in tithes and offerings will be in the front line. These blessings are in this lifetime, not delayed to the life beyond. This is a strong message for today. Let us judge ourselves.

We have prayed. We will continue to pray. Intercession is going up around the world. There is an effort now to request of the Body of Christ to consider fasting from Ash Wednesday until Easter morning. The fast is a special fast of juice and vegetables of a particular mixture. Bill Bright from Campus Crusades, along with many other international leaders, are calling for this fast.

The purpose of this message is to call us to "getting our houses in order" that we may not miss the great move of God is with power that is about to visit us. Let's get our hearts and lives ready.

Can you imagine the manifest presence and power of God? Healings! Great deliverances! Huge numbers of people getting saved.

God is coming in great power to His church. God is releasing His anointing upon us in great measure. . Get ready!

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