Jesus changed my life
by Alex Au

I came from a broken family. My family was very poor and I had to work at the age of 12. I worshipped idols and read many religious books but I could not find the truth.

In April, 1966, a friend invited me to join a lunch meeting of Christian businessmen in Central, Hong Kong. At first, I intended to find some prospects because I was selling life insurance at that time. There, I met a group of businessmen full of joy, praising and singing to Jesus. It was their joyful appearance which drew me to keep on coming back to the meeting.

In August, 1988, I followed them to attend the 7th Asian Convention of the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship in Bangkok. I liked going to Bangkok, I had been a frequent visitor to massage parlours there. I planned to join the seminar during the day and have a free time by night. However, delegates from Hong Kong requested me to take them to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Therefore my evil plan crashed.

I saw God's power

There was an outreach rally that evening and for the very first time power of God. The cripple walked and many sick people were healed instantly. I repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.

When I returned to Hong Kong. I shared with my wife what I had seen at the Convention. She responded cynically and remarked that they were playing a movie. On the day of my water baptism, my wife told me she would no longer cook and wash clothes for me.

I have a hot temper. We exchanged heated words and my wife packed up and went to her mother's home in Thailand. I thought I had gone too far. I was so sad after my wife left me. Jesus comforted and encouraged me. I confessed my sins before the Lord and went to Thailand to see my wife.

She was surprised to see me. When we were inside her room, I went on my knees, spoke to her specifically about my wrong doings and asked for her forgiveness. She accepted my apology but I had to wait for three months before she would come back to me in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile I prayed for her salvation fervently. Once, she said to me on the phone that she saw Jesus crucified in her dream.

Reconciled with wife

I brought a bouquet of roses to meet her at the airport when she returned. She was really happy because it was the first time I had bought flowers for her. She was impressed by how I had changed. I did not womanize any more. I did not speak foul languages any more. She joined me to go to church and started to read the Bible. Jesus changed her life and she was saved. She did not gamble any more. And we learnt how to love each other in Christ.

Miracle baby

My wife and I moved to Thailand in April, 1992. We have been praying to have a baby. My wife consulted a specialist and found out she has an ovarian cyst. This diagnosis was the same as what we had from a doctor in Hong Kong. Ten weeks after surgery to remove the cyst, my wife felt something strange in her abdomen. It was getting bigger and bigger. She ran back to see the doctor, and asked if scissors were left inside her abdomen. The doctor checked and was shocked: my wife had been pregnant for sixteen weeks. The doctor, who is quite prominent, said she had never met a patient like my wife before. We went to see another specialist and confirmed the baby was healthy in the womb. We gave thanks to the Lord Jesus. We had been married nine years and this is really a miracle child. Both doctors did not know how my wife conceived a child. The second doctor was a student of the first doctor. But our Jesus is the biggest doctor.

Then, at a routine medical check during the eighth month of the pregnancy the doctor said the child's head was upward so that my wife had to have a caesarean delivery. I laid hands on my wife's abdomen and commanded my child, in Jesus' name, to turn up-side-down. At the last medical check, the doctor laughed, saying that "your child really obeys you, your wife will have a normal delivery". I saw with my own eyes inside the delivery room the arrival of our miracle child: a boy. Glory to God!.

Alex Au is Director of a property company in Thailand. He is a committee member of FGBMFI (Thailand). He and his wife, Patumwadee, have a baby son, Joshua. They worship at the Hope of Bangkok Church.
Alex and Patumwadee Au with baby Joshua.

Article taken from Asian Voice with permission from Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship.