Miraculously Healed by God!

Patricia Bullard lives in Americus, Georgia, and Phil and Jill Freeman prayed for her in 1995.

Her testimony follows:

I am the mother of five children, aged 18, 17, 13, and my twins, 11. I am a licensed practical nurse, and a believer in Jesus Christ. As a teenager, I received Him as my Lord and Savior at the altar of United Holiness Church-but then, as it is with so many others, I drifted away. In 1991, I truly rededicated my life to the Lord, and things have never been the same since!

Ever since I was a child, I could sing! I thought I would grow up to be another Tina Turner, but my grandmother used to say to me, "Child, the Lord gave you that voice! Use your talent for Him!" And so I have! I am uncomfortable singing about any other love than the love of my Lord! In July of 1994, I began experiencing symptoms of asthma. My menstrual flow became so alarmingly heavy that I needed a blood transfusion (I have had three)! The doctors discovered fibroid tumors the size of grapefruits in my ovaries. I opted not to have major surgery at that time, but settled on a D.& C., and a shot to stop the bleeding. In very short order, I gained 20 pounds.

Over the next 6 months, my asthma attacks increased, until I was never without my inhaler (I called it my "pump"). Also, I was gaining weight at an alarming rate, even though my food intake was unchanged. During that time I was working in Montezuma, Georgia at the Medicare unit as an L.P.N. By June of 1995, my pulse rate was above 200, I was dehydrated, I was suffering from severe asthma attacks and bronchitis, and I had become grossly overweight-and was finally forced to seek treatment in the hospital. They stabilized my pulse rate and body fluids, told me to lose weight, and sent me home.

By July, I was back in the hospital in Montezuma for another round of treatments, home for two days, then off to the hospital in Albany for more of the same.

When they sent me home, I could not go back to work. I stayed at my grandmother's house, getting weaker, heavier, and more miserable every day. When I knew I must go back to the hospital, I called Evangelist Snipes and asked her to come and pray for me. The Freemans were visiting with her that day, and she brought them with her. They all prayed for me, but Evangelist Phil Freeman talked with me about unforgiveness. "Who do you need to forgive? Who has hurt you so deeply?" he asked. I knew the answer to that question, and began to realize that this was a physical dilemma with deep spiritual connections, so I truly began to seek the Lord. Sister Jill Freeman shared with me of that precious garden of my heart where Jesus waits to commune with me. Every time I see beautiful flowers, to this day, I think of her.

Well, the Lord touched me then, but two days later, my physical condition deteriorated. Puddles of water would develop in my shoes, yet I was dehydrated. I couldn't move, couldn't walk. They took me to the hospital, where they quickly discovered my pulse rate was up but my blood pressure was so low they had trouble finding it! I was placed in the CCU on monitors and given many tests as my body systems rapidly shut down. I went into congestive heart failure, renal failure, kidney infection, diabetes, high blood pressure, and anemia. I was on oxygen, IV fluids, catheterized, on lasics. I weighed 318 pounds. I couldn't walk, and could barely talk-but I could pray! And pray I did!

Several folks came to pray with me in the hospital. One friend, a former school teacher, came into the room, said not one word to me but hit the floor on her knees and began to pray. When she was through, she got up, came over to me, and said, "This sickness is not unto death!" (Pastor Freeman had said the same thing!)

As I began to pray, I wanted to ask Him to help me, but suddenly His Presence filled my room! It was as if I could feel Him holding me, caressing me, healing me. I could sense Him saying, "Don't ask, just worship Me!" And oh, I did! How I worshipped Him! The fragrance of His sweet Presence was like a garden of flowers!

That was when I felt a barrier come crashing down! My healing began on that day, and has continued until now! I have lost 86 pounds. I have no sugar diabetes, no anemia. No asthma. No congestive heart failure! My liver and kidneys are just fine, thank you! My fibroid tumors-all gone!

I am still taking blood pressure medicine, but I know my God is able, and He will finish the work He has begun in me! He not only healed my life-threatening symptoms, but He also took care of other areas of my need, physical, spiritual and emotional! I used to be spiritually lukewarm but now, that is no longer true! I used to doubt but now, I am more easily given to faith in Him! I used to place my trust in man, but now my trust is totally in my Lord! I learned these things through my sickness. During my recovery, my song to the Lord has been I Will Not Complain - and my favorite passage of Scripture has been the 8th chapter of Romans. Oh, how it has fed me, comforted me!

With conviction, and from experience, I can now declare with the apostle Paul, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28) And I now live to accomplish His purpose for my life! And you can trust Him, too! Reach out to Him, worship Him, give Him your life! He is your miracle! Trust Jesus as your Savior, your healer, your closest friend!