The Master's Stroke
by K.K. Chua

I was born into a Christian Family and attended Church and Sunday School since childhood. At the age of 14, I became a born again Christian and began serving the Lord fervently in both my Church and in Evangelistic Outreach. I felt the call of the Lord and went to Bible College to prepare myself for full time Ministry. At this stage in my life, I was all ready to serve the Lord.

I became a Bible College dropout, one and a half year later, to serve my Country in the National Service, before deciding what I have wanted to do with my life. While in the Army, when told that I was a Bible College student, the response had been: 'What's the problem. You failed your exams and couldn't get into a normal College.' It was then that I made up my mind to prove to the world that I could make it in Society. I enrolled in a commercial course and graduated as the 'Most Outstanding Student' of my department.

My rise and fall

I became very successful in my commercial career. Success came to me at a relatively young age. At 32, I was Group Managing Director of six companies of a multi national corporation. By then, God occupied a very small corner of my life. I had everything that I want, a beautiful wife, a beautiful baby, a nice house, a luxurious car and a good job. Instead of giving Glory and Thanksgiving to the Lord, I pride myself as a 'Self Made Man'. Proverbs 16:18 mentioned 'Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fail.' A more accurate interpretation of this in my per- sonal life can be found in the Psalms. It says in gist 'if you put wickedness and wealth before me, I will slay you down, pluck you out of your family ... and drag you through the land of the living.' (Psalm 52) And that is precisely what happened to me.

I started an affair and committed adultery. I had thought then that if everyone is doing it, why can't I. It started off to be exciting, macho and fun. I left my family when my wife was pregnant. I lost all sense of human values. I was tormented day and night with guilt. I could not find peace, l lost complete joy. I would wake up in the middle of the night hearing my daughter crying. I would wake up in the morning with a shock and felt that I have not rested at all. My nerves were raw, my hand started shaking, and I was at the brink of a mental breakdown. I was dragged through the land of the living. I tried to make a come-back with my family but I was unable to climb out of the hell-hole.

The Bible says that he who finds a wife finds a jewel. In my case, the Lord has blessed me with a Blue Diamond. Inspite of what I had done to her, my wife persevered and cried to the Lord to preserve me and to bring me back. She must have known what torment I was going through (my face was dark and 'evil' looking) and out of love had put aside her hurts and torment to cry to the Lord for my soul.

Victory and rebuilding

I went to Church one morning and cried to the Lord. I prayed "Lord, I know I should be with my family but my feelings are so strong for the other woman. Please show me which one to choose". I then heard a booming voice that came back to me saying "Young man, you are praying the wrong prayer. You must admit that adultery is wrong, confess your sins and I will show you the way." I was petrified and prayed with earnesty a prayer of repentance right there and then.

That afternoon, I left for Korea. During the week I was in Korea, the Spirit of Discernment from the Lord came upon me. The Lord dragged my whole affair before my eyes. I would remember incidents as far back as two years and the Lord would indicate each incident to me and said "THAT WAS A LIE". I was awakened then. My whole affair was based on a series of lies and deception.

My wife accepted me back with praises and thanksgiving to God. Desmond, a member of the Hong Kong Chapter of Full Gospel Businessman Fellowship and his wife Magdalene, sat down with me one evening and prayed for my deliverance from spiritual bondages. In the course of prayer, I saw a vision of a black dog with 2 red eyes. That vision was smashed after fervent prayer. The evil one lurks to seek and to destroy. Anyone who says family break-ups are emotional turmoil, is telling a lie. It is spiritual warfare.

A happy man

Since then, I have found strength and courage to stay firm and true. The Lord has said to me that if I walk in "humility, in truth and in righteousness," he will prosper me and bless me and my family beyond our wildest dreams. Our God is a faithful God. What he promises he keeps. I have since had a promotion, a raise, and many other material blessings. I have also found true happiness, joy and security. I have become a "Happy Man".

The Lord is still rebuilding my character and values and though there may still be difficulties and calamities in my life, I know that He is in control. Now I look forward to tomorrow. Each morning, when I wake up, I anticipate new blessings. I can't think of a better life to lead on earth. I've since joined the Full Gospel Businessman Fellowship and am actively serving the Lord and giving the Devil a wacking back. It makes me feel real good to know that what took the Devil 3 years to do has been frustrated by 'one MASTERSTROKE' from the Lord.

K.K.Chua is the Regional Vice-President of an international movie distribution company. A Singaporean, he is an active member of FGBMFI (Hong Kong) and worships at the International Christian Assembly in Hong Kong. K.K. and his wife, Dorothy, have three daughters, Charmaine, Danielle and Michelle.
K.K. and Dorothy Chua

Article taken from Asian Voice with permission from Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship.