Healed from Diabetes
June 1996

"My name is Vondranita Dinkins. I attend Deliverance Outreach Church located in Marshallville, Ga., under the leadership of Pastor Calvin Ezell.

On February 25, 1991, I was diagnosed as an insulin-dependent diabetic. After this diagnosis, I was immediately placed on Humulin insulin. I suffered a lot and experienced both hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic reactions during this time. I had even been in and out of the hospital and had come very close to death twice.

God spared my life and healed my body! My doctor told me that I will have diabetes my entire life, but I did not accept that, because I believed God is my Healer-and He healed me!

When Pastor Freeman prayed for me during the revival, I believe God just really healed me! After that night, I did not take any more insulin. My blood sugar did not go "too high"-but it did go too low a couple times. (soon that stopped, too!) I believe God is real and He is, indeed, a healer!

If you have a sickness in your body, I admonish you to have faith and believe in God. He'll bring you out! I would like for everyone to pray for me that God will continue to bless. And may God bless you all!"

(Her healing took place Wednesday night June 26, 1996.)