Old Lady Miraculously Healed by God!

Here is a simple, touching, testimony of an old lady who simply trusted God.

This ninety years old lady was Evelyn's (Name has been changed because the person intends all glory to go to the Lord) husband's aunt. When Evelyn (a Singaporean) saw her in Bidor, a town in Malaysia, she had a fan blowing at her red hot legs which had swollen terribly. She was groaning from excruciating pain. Although she was 95% deaf, she was an alert woman.

Evelyn felt a deep need to reach out to her and to pray for her healing. But there were many obstacles before her. "Lord, forgive me but I come to You with a faith that is as small as a mustard seed. Honestly, this looks like a hopeless situation. You tell me what to do. How can I tell her that You can heal her when she can't even hear? And if I should shout, I would arouse the wrath and displeasure of everyone in this house" Evelyn cried out earnestly in her heart.

At that time, Evelyn's husband was not yet a born again christian. Her relatives, too, would be offended if she did share the gospel in their house. Besides, she was not certain how her aunt would react to the message. Moreover no doctor that they sought had been able to relieve her or the intense pain. In fact her family had arranged for her funeral!

Then, God prompted Evelyn to tell of His miraculous healing touch. She obeyed. Very simply, she said to her aunt in Cantonese, "'Yeh-Soh' (Jesus) can heal you." "Yeh-Soh?" reiterated her aunt.

By now, Evelyn was sitting on the edge of her seat. "Yes..." Evelyn answered excitedly. "You mean 'Yeh' as in coconut?" her aunt wanted to clarify. "Indeed!" replied Evelyn, rejoicing that the first hurdle had been cleared. Her near-deaf aunt had actually heard and understood who she was talking about! She did not even have to shout at the top of her voice! "Now, Jesus will heal you. You can call on Jesus anytime. Keep on worshipping and praising Him. He is with you." Evelyn uttered every word clearly and slowly.

It was three months later when Evelyn and her husband saw their aunt again. They were amazed at how well she looked. She was not only up and walking around, her legs were not swollen! Their aunt greeted them as though they were her long-lost friends. "Look at me! Jesus has healed me!" she spilled out her joy and gratitude. Her son confirmed, "Yes, she was walking around and her legs were not swollen the following day after your departure." Her daughter-in-law nodded in agreement.

The energetic ninety-year-old lady then elaborated on her encounter with Christ. "That night, I woke up because a pair of big hands were shaking my stomach vigorously. I looked up and saw a man in white." she recalled.

She confessed that she was afraid initially. "I kept pushing His hands away. Then, I remembered what you'd told me. I wondered if this was the 'Yeh-Soh' you were talking about. Immediately, apologized to Him and I let go." she confessed.

The moment she let go, she let God take over. She believed that when Christ's hands were shaking her stomach, He was actually pushing the 'boiling waters' in her legs away. "The swelling was gone the next morning. you don't know how cooling and relieved I feel!" she asserted. Hallelujah! For this simple lady, God deserved all the glory.

For Evelyn, she learnt how important it is to seize the opportunity to obey God when He speaks. If she had followed her own analytical mind, this miracle might have been hindered from coming forth.

Now, there was one more urgent thing to do. Evelyn wasted no time in sharing the gospel with her aunt. "Will you take Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?" she asked right away. "Of course!" her aunt answered.

The Holy Spirit attended to her spiritual diet. On Evelyn's subsequent trip to Bidor, her aunt had already practised His presence. "Come, let's sup with Jesus. Let's welcome Him to our table." she said simply. Evelyn marvelled. All she had ever done was to ask for God's blessings upon the food, but her aunt had actually asked Christ to come and sit next to her to share her meal.

She continued to walk and sup with Him. She was not only sensitive to God, she had every desire to praise Him. Every visitor who came to the house was bound to hear of God's love and His healing power.

She did not fall into self-pity or waver in her faith even when she was experiencing pain in her joints. Like David, she strengthened herself in the Lord God (1 Samuel 30:6). She was, therefore, filled with a sense of quietness and peace until one night ...

That cold night, she saw in the doorway two shady figures. At first, she thought they were her grandchildren. Suddenly, a cold chill ran down her spine and a paralyzing fear gripped her. She could sense that they were unwelcome visitors.

"JESUS! JESUS!" she cried out loudly when she regained her composure. Like lightning, the two dubious figures fled and disappeared out of sight. In her desperation, she knew how to cry to Jesus for help.

Since then, no visitors from the dark side had dared to approach her. She died peacefully in her sleep a few years later at the ripe age of ninety-five. During the last years of her life, she was filled with praises and rejoicing. And we can count on her doing the same in His Kingdom.