Faith: Trust Without Reservations (There Is Wonder Working Power In The Precious Blood Of The Lamb)
by Philip Tay
April 1997

Upon her arrival, on 28/09/87, Faith Tay was so quiet. She did not cry or make a sound at all. To me she looked so fair and fine but the doctor informed me that she had to be transfered to the intensive care unit immediately as 1/3 of her lungs was not functioning.

On the same night, her heart stopped twice and was revived. She was transfered to Singapore General Hospital, I.C.U. while my wife remained at Mt. Alvernia Hospital as she was in a near coma state as her liver and kidney had ruptured during or prior the delivery (This very critical, almost fatal condition was not disclosed to me until after her discharge following a miraculous recovery, as the doctor thought that with my 1st born child in very critical condition, the news of my wife's condition woud have been too much for me to handle)

Upon transfer to Singapore General Hospital, Faith (hardly a day old) was wired up to so many monitoring equipment, that she could hardly be seen. I was over-awed by the situation and to further dampen me, was the remark of the father of the baby in the bed next to Faith. His baby whose medical condition was similar to Faith's, had been admitted for almost a month and the other two babies in the I.C.U. had been admitted even earlier ( 3 and 7 mohths ago)

Praise God, because he delights and dwells in the praises of His people and there is nothing too difficult for Him to do. I depended totally on Him for everything and in the midst of all that was happening, He gave me a double portion of His love and peace. In all my weaknesses, His strength was made perfect. With the prayers and encouragement from our church (Full Gospel Assembly, Singapore) and the home cell group, I desired to continuously praise God and the song that was continuously on my lips ( as a thanksgiving prayer) was "There is power, power, wonder working power in the precious blood of the Lamb............."

Both Cherylynn's (my wife) and Faith's condition was miraculously improving as I trusted God without any reservations. Cherylynn and Faith recovered completely and was discharged from hospital on the 12th and 11th day respectively. Faith hardly fell ill as a child and is now coming to 10 years of age this September. God is more than faithful as we have two more bundle of joy, Joshua (8 years) and Hannah (2 years) through normal delivery by God's divine grave without any need of I.C.U.

Faith in the I.C.U

The 3 healthy children :
Faith (10 yrs), Joshua (8 yrs) and Hannah (2 yrs)

Family photo
( from left: Cherylynn, Hannah, Joshua, Faith and Philip)