Miracle Of God That Pulled Me Out From Jaws Of Death

1st November 1996

My name is Peck Horng. I'm from Paya Lebar Chinese Methodist church in Singapore. I like to share an amazing thing that God has done on me 4 and a half years ago. It affected me greatly and it touches me deeply....

On 8th of March 1992 I was riding a bike along Service Road next to East Coast park. I lost control of the bike at a high speed and banged onto the road kurb, following that, I fell into the drain beside. My injuries were fatal and my parents and Pastor rushed to the hospital when they got the news.

I suffered serious head damages and failure of the blood clot system (therefore blood keeps flowing out from my wounds). Doctor Alvin Hong from SGH told my dad this figure; that I have 30% of living and this 30% includes a high percentage of me becoming a vegetable. My dad was shattered. I was in coma and sub-coma for around 3 weeks while my church prayed for me. My friends stood outside the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), fasted and prayed. After 3 weeks I regained consciousness. Everyone cheered. and within a week I was discharged on a wheel-chair. Doctor Alvin Hong told my father that it was advisable to let me stop schooling as my brain would not be able to take it. But I begged my dad to let me continue my education in Polytechnic and he agreed to it, on the condition that I won't stress myself out with my studies. I thus studied in Polytechnic and to everyone's amazement, I did well. Doctor Alvin Hong told me this himself:"I don't know how to explain in medical terms how you could recover, and recover at such a rate, but I can only tell you that you're the luckiest person I've seen...." But what he doesn't know is that I'm not "lucky", but I'm saved by God, the Almighty God.

Presently I'm serving my National Service. I've got my Diploma in Electronics Engineering and I'm planning to further my studies abroad. All these are possible because of Him. He not only saved me from death but also allowed me to carry on my life as a normal person. Presently I go to gym to work-out twice a week and I feel extremely normal!!! The best part of it all is that He made the scars on my face disappear!!! Just like that!! There are no obvious scar on my face, except for a scar on my chin. You should have seen the photos my mum took of me in the ICU! My head was swollen and blood was all over my face with scars that were so ugly and obvious. Although there is now a plastic piece in my head (in replacement of one part of my skull), it is not visible unless you feel my head, then you'll feel a dent, which is the boundary between the skull and the plastic piece.

I thank God for allowing this wonderful miracle to happen to me, though I'm so sinful. I like to tell you people out there that our God is GOOD!! If you like to find out more, please don't hesitate to mail me at: ongchhor@pacific.net.sg

God bless you.

Peck Horng in Intensive Care Unit
Peck Horng in Hospital ward
with Church friends who visited him daily to pray.
Peck Horng discharged out of hospital
and at home recuperating
(head still Botak/bald due to the head operation).