True Success
by Robert Liu

Success, as the world knows it, is measured by our ability to run and survive the rat race. In Singapore, where I lived and worked the past 18 years, this is no exception.

I was born into a traditional Christian family and have known about Jesus Christ since my younger days in Sunday school. As I completed my studies in Malaysia and went to New Zealand for my university degree, I began to prepare myself to run in this race within the urban setting.

The desire to be successful was so great that I started my own business after only 2 years working in the industry. My wife and I put everything we had into this enterprise. For 10 years we struggled and in every way possible we tried to make our business profitable.

While working in the day and spending most evenings out entertaining and looking for new business and contacts, I entered into a twilight zone which so many businessmen are familiar with. The temptation of wine, women and song were great and soon I got involved with other women. The extra-marital relationships began to affect my business, marriage, family and health. My wife who had put all her resources and effort into the business was broken hearted and we quarrelled frequently in the office and at home.

Our business began to suffer and we landed up in debt, owing millions of dollars. How I tried in my own ability in the ways of the world but it was not working out at all. The Bible says Satan is the Prince of the World and the Lord Jesus called him the the thief who came to steal, kill and destroy. During this time I thought he had me tied up in knots. I did not know where to go.

Five years ago my wife was invited by as business associate to attend a Full Gospel Businessman Fellowship International dinner. Out of obligation my wife urged me to go. Reluctantly I agreed and that night I met many Christian businessmen who had gathered for fellowship and to share their testimonies.

Character transformation

There was a man who spoke about his life and described his situation which was very much similar to mine. He had a top paying job as a financial consultant but suffered liver failure due to drinking habits. Because of his relationship with other women, his wife decided to divorce him and moved the family away. In despair, when the doctor told him that he did not have long to live, someone introduced him to the promise of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He decided to receive the good news and the blessings that came after he received Jesus as his Saviour and Lord. Then, by the power of the Holy Spirit he received complete physical healing and transformation of his character. He talked about how God restored his wife and family back together and how he was able to lead a victorious life over temptation and sin. God gave him the Holy Spirit with the supernatural gift of healing and he had been used in many situations to help many sick people.

That night when the invitation was given, I desired to also have the same experience that this man had; to be saved from my financial disaster and also to have my health and marriage restored. I felt that if God could do it for this man, surely He could do it for me. As I went forward to confess my need and recognise that God through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ, could change my circumstance, I broke down and wept. Several Christian businessmen shared with me about the power of the Holy Spirit. They explained that I needed to receive the Holy Spirit into my life as it was the promise of the Father to all believers that they may have the supernatural ability to lead a victorious Christian life. This I began to desire for my own life and several weeks later, at a house fellowship I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I wanted my marriage restored

So great was the change in my life and attitude that my mother-in-law thought I had gone crazy from one extreme into another. My own father, whom I had neglected, said "I wonder how long this will go on", In my heart God placed a tremendous hunger: know the truth that is only found in the Bible and thirst for God's presence each day.

Every morning I will wake up before the sun rise to pray and whenever there was opportunity, I will be in Church or at Bible classes, I wanted to know more about other people's experience with God and how they related to Him. It was so easy to turn my back on the temptation of the world and to walk in the light as the Holy Spirit gave me ability. Today, by God's grace, my business has been restored and we are busy as ever with new contracts. My health has been restored and the Lord has blessed our marriage and made it fruitful through a new baby girl, our second child whom we call Joy.

I cannot help but desire to tell this story over and over again because it is true. There may be many men and women who are going through broken lives and marriages with no hope or solutions. It is my hope that they find their answers as I did by knowing Jesus Christ.

Robert Liu is the managing director of an engineering company. He is a member of the Jurong Chapter of FGBMFI Singapore. Robert and his wife, Veronica together with their children Ren and Joy worship at Calvary Charismatic Centre.
Robert and Veronica Liu with Ren and Joy.

Article taken from Asian Voice with permission from Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship.