Miracles in my Family

Donna Sanders sent this testimony from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
In June of 1995 I had just finished final exams. My husband, a carpenter by trade, and my father in law a contractor, were working their regular day jobs and then in the evenings,building our dream home, an answered prayer from God.

I had just learned I was pregnant with our second child. When I went for my first doctor's visit I was told, I was probably going to have a miscarriage. I was shattered. My doctor told me, God has a reason for these things and we don't always understand them. I fell apart, but kept praying. I had an ultrasound and it didn't show why I was bleeding internally, but I was.

Then in July, I had another ultrasound done and was told the same thing, but nothing was showing up in the picture, except that I was going to my delight have a son, which I asked God for, (But it didn't matter to me as long as my baby was healthy. I already was blessed with a girl, then 4 years old.

Then in August or September, can't remember the exact date, I was directed to go to the emergency room, because I was bleeding again. The emergency room physician, said he didn't know if I would miscarry or not and to go home and get in bed.

In October at a doctor's visit, I was told, go to the hospital immediately! Prepare yourself mentally to lose the baby, just in case it happens because it is not yet old enough to survive. In between all these events, I had morning sickness ALL DAY LONG and was nauseated all the time and my stomach was cramping and I was spotting off and on. I was then told to get on bedrest and not go back to work until the baby was born, if it made it.

All I could think of was how lord? Why? We're building a new house and need my income too. My mom had also been in the same hospital that day getting an MRI because she lived in constant pain and no doctor knew what was wrong with her. We didn't even tell her I was in the hospital until her test was over and she got to go home.

On October 3, I believe was the day in 1995, it was late at night.I was lying in my hospital bed alone. My husband went home to rest and care for our 4 year old who I missed terribly. She wasn't used to spending a night without me and I was heartbroken, because we were supposed to go out and eat pizza that night before all this happened. My chest felt like a ton of bricks was on it and I couldn't sleep. I cried out to the lord and said Jesus, please don't let me lose my baby. I felt so alone and I wanted to cry but wouldn't let myself do it and lose control. I had to be strong and I refused to believe God will allow me to lose this child.

All of the sudden the thought came to me that Jesus was sitting in the chair beside my bed and he was reaching for my hand. Then I saw an incredible vision! A bright yellow light fell down from an opening in the ceiling of the room and shined down on my bed. Then to my right standing over me I saw Jesus. The light was so incredible I could only see 1/4th of the right side of Jesus face and only his brown eye clearly. I saw his long wavy brown hair blowing in the wind, but didn't feel the wind. He lifted his arms toward the heavens and raised them over me from head to toe. Then lifted his hands up again and up high was a circle of miniature what looked like baby angels holding hands in a circle and the light was so magnificent I couldn't see them clearly, only bits and pieces of little feet, wings and curly hair. The next thing I remember, it was morning and I awoke feeling more refreshed than I can ever remember feeling before. My chest pains were completely gone! The bleeding stopped and I got to go home. My son Timothy was born February 2, 1996 perfectly healthy. He is very healthy and strong. Exceptionally big for his age, which is 1. He is my miracle and I know God healed him and me. The doctor's also found out what is wrong with my mother and she is doing better now. Financially our family made it and our house got finished too. Some people think I'm crazy. BUT I KNOW WHAT I SAW and I KNOW what JESUS DID FOR ME!