Brain Tumor -
God Still Works Miracles!

by Sue Fowler
March 1997

Picture of Dr. Doug and Sue Fowler. Dr. Fowler is an international vice president of FGBMFI as well as a physician and surgeon.
1996... a year for miracles for Sue Fowler of Colquitt, Georgia, USA! When she noticed a loss of hearing in her left ear, she prayed about it, not too concerned, and just went on about her business.

But when her left eye began to droop, the symptoms got her attention! To make it really interesting, she noticed an occasional drooling from the left corner of her mouth!
Picture of the MRI film scan of the brain tumor. On this one in my newsletter I drew an arrow to the spot indicated and typed underneath: "Now you see it..."

And that is when her husband, Dr. Douglas Fowler, (himself a surgeon) made an appointment for her to have an MRI scan. The dye in her blood pinpointed a tumor between the 7th and 8th nerve, and the doctor recommended an immediate appointment with a specialist in Gainesville, Florida!

However, the Fowlers said, "we'll go home and pray about it!" Phone lines were hot with prayer as intercession was made before the Throne of God! They both had to deal with issues of personal fear, doubt, and faith. Dr. Fowler sought specific Divine guidance.
Picture of the CATSCAN of the hole in the bone where the tumor USED to be... and on this one in my newsletter I drew an arrow to the spot indicated and typed underneath:
"Now you don't!"

A second scan, this one a CATSCAN (designed to yield more definitive bone information) was scheduled in Birmingham, Alabama, where some of the USA's foremost specialists are familiar with cases like Sue's.

August 20, 1996, Birmingham. The dye was injected. Sue was positioned in the machine, and the CATSCAN procedure completed. The doctor knew exactly what he was looking for, since he already had the MRI films! He called the Fowlers into the office, and showed them the scans, side by side. He pointed to a portion of one scan, and said, "Well, I have good news! There is no tumor! See the hole in the bone? That is where it WAS, but now it is GONE!" He went on to describe possible tests and treatments for her continued hearing loss, and asked her to return for a checkup in six months.

Coronary Artery Disease

For over a year, Sue had also had occasional chest pains and shortness of breath. While she was visiting family in North Carolina in October 1996, the severity of her symptoms encouraged her to have a checkup. Sue has a family history of coronary artery disease.

Therefore, she took a 2-day Stress test, which revealed the following results in the official 2-page report:

And so, Sue returned home to prepare for possible by-pass surgery! Again, the phone lines were HOT as intercession went up to the Father! Dr. Fowler felt she needed a heart catheterization to pinpoint the artery blockages.

Consequently, one week later, in Dothan, Alabama, Sue was wheeled into the operating room for a cardiac catheterization procedure. She talked with the medical crew... "Now, I don't want you to get upset with me! I need to warn you that since you are not putting me under full anesthesia, I am going to be praying in the Spirit... so you just go ahead and do YOUR thing, while I am doing MY thing!"

Several intercessors had given a prophetic word from God for Sue regarding the King James translation expression in the Psalms "my heart is FIXED, oh Lord, my heart is FIXED!" and she clung to Jesus for her help in this time of need.

Pictures of the TECHNETIUM-99 scans showing Sue's "arteries of a 15-year old" instead of having open-heart surgery.

As she lay there on the table, watching the spaghetti-like images of her arteries on the monitor screens, praying in tongues, suddenly she heard the doctor: "Well, isn't that incredible! Will you just look at that!"

All Sue could see was "spaghetti"... she couldn't know the significance of the images! "Why, you have the arteries of a 15-year old!" exclaimed the doctor in amazemen?t!

The medical crew really enjoyed Sue's disposition and powerful witness to Jesus' healing power there in the operating room... and no doubt were just as impressed as was the doctor, as the realization of what they were seeing unfolded on the screens before them.

One after another, the TECHNETIUM-99 scans recorded a perfect circulatory system... and again, the doctor who had a diagram, and who had a detailed, descriptive diagnosis, and knew EXACTLY WHERE TO LOOK, could not find any evidence of circulatory problem in her whatsoever! And Sue Fowler went to the recovery room rejoicing!

In the official Catheterization Report, the following are noted:

Truly, the Lord forgives ALL our sins and heals ALL our diseases! Whether by miraculous intervention or by a healing process, by His stripes we were healed! Sue is living testimony, confirmed by her own husband who is a medical physician and surgeon, of the marvelous healing power and grace of God! The Fowlers are thankful to the Lord and to all the intercessors... and desire that YOUR faith, also, may be encouraged by God's demonstration of healing in Sue!