Experience of the Joy of the Lord
September 1995

I would like to share what happened to my life in connection with the 'Toronto Blessing' experience. Firstly, my name is Franklin Morais, and I serve at the Full Gospel Assembly out-reach at Selayang, a suburb about 19 kilometres away from the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

It all began with a mission trip to the Philippines during September of 1995. In the meantime, I had not paid much attention to the raging controversy generated by the 'Toronto Blessing'. My only exposure to this phenomenon was through a video tape brought over to my house by some church friends. I was not impressed at all. In fact, I got a little frustrated at all the 'irreverent laughing and talking' going on at the stage. At that point I just brushed it aside very uncomplimentarily.

My spiritual life at that time was really down in the dumps. I did not share the gospel to anyone, I did not have any liberty in service to the Lord, church was a drag, I was finding fault at everyone and everybody in the Christian life. Frankly, I was just surviving and in misery.Yet, in my heart of hearts, I just knew that there has to be more to the Christian walk than this dull routine. and so I'd pray that GOD would touch me.

Then, sometime in June of 1995, my Pastor invited me to join this mission trip to Philippines. I decided to go along thinking that this will be my spiritual retreat. About this time, the Lord began to work on me, causing a hunger and thirsting to know Him more.

On the 14th of September, in almost the last day of ministry in Philippines, whilst the mission team was having an evaluation of the previous day's ministry, the Lord hit me so hard!!! I fell to the floor from my chair, and began laughing. I started laughing so hard for almost one and a half hour. During that time of ministry, the Lord also delivered me from bondage and destroyed inhibitions. I woke up the next morning knowing for certain that GOD had touched me and my life would never be the same again.

From that time until today, the Holy Spirit has been working in my life, in the life of my family and the church. We have begun to experience the first-fruits of revival,, and are eagerly expecting more from the Lord. Our church is growing quite fast, and new people are coming in and getting touched by the Lord.

There are so much more I have to share, perhaps I have to write a small booklet of what I experienced with the Holy Spirit. I hope this little testimony will be a blessing to others who are hungering and desiring for a touch from GOD.

GOD Bless you.